VIDEO REVIEW: Star Wars – The Clone Wars

5 thoughts on “VIDEO REVIEW: Star Wars – The Clone Wars

  1. tyra menendez says:

    i’ve heard gendy pronounce his name, in an interview for samurai jack, and i have to say, it’s not like “gender”, it’s like “gimmie”.but i agree. i wasn’t surprised but still disappointed that the dvd release of the trilogy was the special edition and then just pissed off that hayden christianson or however the fuck you spell his worthless name (i just call him the asshole that played anikan in the prequals), was shoe-horned into the ghost visitations at the end of jedi. really, i don’t think lucas is just beating up his daughter, he’s serial raping her, at this point.i think roper described the animation as looking like old russian woodcuts, without the soul. i saw the trailer for this, before hellboy 2 and groaned like the house of usher. i mean, honestly, i haven’t been excited about star wars since episode 2. and if i want to watch the trilogy? yeah, i pull out the thx vhs versions.


  2. white templar says:

    I actually like the ‘Clone Wars’ graphic novels much better than anything that has come out on the big screen. The characters are well etched and stories, though sometimes convoluted, do move the arc around nice to the eventual Jedi purge. You feel the force.


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