Three brief thoughts

Seeing “Twilight” later tonight. Y’know what’s already bugging me? I get that the lead vampire guys all look like the Jonas Brothers because it’s mainly a movie for teenaged chicks… But how do they get all their man-makeup and hair gel properly applied without reflections? Or is this another “everything you know about vampires is wrong” thing? I dunno. When was the last time there WAS a vampire movie where all the ‘rules’ were in place, to begin with?

Also: Now that “Captain America” has a director and two writers (Joe Johnston and the Narnia scribes, respectively, in all three cases ALARMINGLY good if on-the-nose choices) thoughts now innevitably turn to casting. Let me weigh in on one of the bigger sticking points right off the bat: I think Captain AMERICA should be played by an AMERICAN actor – not because of some notion of patriotic symbolism… I just know it’ll be annoying as HELL to have to hear that particular question-and-stock-answer come up in every damn interview for the next year and half.

“Casino Royale” had no jokes, no inside-references, no gadgets, no henchman, no nicknamed bad guys, no funny-name Bond girls, no SPECTER, no hideout, etc. “Quantum of Solace” has a couple jokes, one inside reference (to Goldfinger, and cracking well-done by the way,) a couple sorta gadgets, a sorta-henchman, a bad who’s kind-of nicknamed (mock-environmentalist named “Greene,”) one possibly funny-name Bond girl, the SUGGESTION of a very SPECTER-like ‘Quantum’ society and something almost resembling a hideout. My question: At this rate, is it going to take two or three more sequels for James Bond to turn into James Bond instead of a slightly-less whiny-bitch version of Jason Bourne?

2 thoughts on “Three brief thoughts

  1. tyra menendez says:

    i disagree with the james bond: i thot casino royale was the first time in its history that bond actually acted like a spy, instead of a pulp superhero, like the old bond, or just a big, dumb action movie, with bronson.cap should be played by an american for the same reason bond is played by a brit. ok, the first one was scottish, but you know what i mean.twilight is nothing but a self-insert masturbatory fantasy, based on a wet dream. i mean, why the fuck would 100+ year old (atheist) vampire stay a virgin? read up on some reviews of the book – it might as well have fabio on the cover, because it’s that low level of fact, the guy who played edward, came to hate the character and the book so much, that he leaked an early edition of the “new” book. i use quotes, because it’s just the first book, from a different character’s point of view.i don’t even know why it’s called twilight, since all the vampires do, when they go in the sun is glitter.this thing is so bad, it belongs on sorry to go on about, but it just pisses me off, when there’s actually good vampire fiction out there, like sunglasses after dark, yet this is the shit that gets optioned.also, if you go back to dracula, a lot of the rules have been changed. especially the one with sunlight – that was invention of films.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Bob, glad to see you back on the blog.Unfortunately i have to disagree on the part about James Bond: i think that Daniel Craig and the overall change that's been made on the series has been nothing but good.With the late Pierce Brosnan films, it felt like James Bond was ONLY a chance to show off gadgets, stupid-as-fuck contraptions and deathtraps and girls who were there only for their T&A. Not to mention the borderline ridiculous plots.Instead, with the revamp of the series, we get to see something new and (somewhat) original; an overall new “way” of acting and playing the charcacter of Bond.In a setting where you can call very few things “original”, like the movie industry, i think this change has been fot the best.I won't even comment on Twilight though…couldn't agree more with the comment above mine.Keep it up Bob! And good luck with your pieces for the Escapist 🙂-G


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