New OverThinker episode…

“The Politics of Gaming,” or “Bob Asks For Trouble By Trying To Divine – Even As A JOKE – What The Political Leanings Of Various Game Characters Might Be.” The line to hurl invectives at me for “slandering” your favorite mascot by suggesting their theoretical politics might align differently from yours forms to the left, behind the angry man dressed as Dixie Kong.

2 thoughts on “New OverThinker episode…

  1. Eva243 says:

    I liked this last episode it really was very very funny and gave some good and interesting ideas for one to think about. My only criticism is that I can understand self promotion in the last episode because it was a catch up one, but this one was meant to be more of a real episode. So it did get a little annoying, well really it just more so felt out of place. I just hope I do not see it again in the next episode. It might have been better to just have had made a separate commercial for yourself on your Youtube channel. That might have been better.But that is my only real criticism, other than that it was a good episode with a unique idea, and can’t wait for the next episode. Hopefully it wont be as much fan fiction, but more on the facts and your angry/ funny opinions about them. Anyway, see you next episode or blog. Happy thanks giving as well.


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