I don’t know which makes me feel like a bigger attention-whore: The constant self-promotion or the tactlessness of double-posting it into both blogs. BUT, that’s the game. has informed me (and, I presume, many many many others) that I am elligible to be nominated for their Gaming 1337 (“leet”) awards. So… if y’all dig my stuff, howzabout voting for me? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s how it works: Go to this page: Where you’ll find a form with multiple fields in which to nominate folks/projects by their name and website URL for various awards. “Game OverThinker,” for example, would best fit into the “best independent gaming show” category. Fill out each field (or only the ones on which you have an opinion) with the name and URL (my URL here is and the name is “Game OverThinker” remember,) then your name and email below and click “submit.” Apparently you can do this once a day… I bet that would be a fun thing to do ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks again for the support.

8 thoughts on “VOTE FOR GAME OVERTHINKER (aka ME)

  1. Eva243 says:

    I voted for you moviebob, but I am still waiting for a real new episode of the game overthinker. Episode 14 was a nice catch up don’t get me wrong, but I want something done on the real issues.Example: I think that the Nintendo Wii has created a name for itself that it is thee casual console, and no matter how many hardcore games come out for it or are in the works for it this title will never leave. I mean at the end of 2008 we have Deadly Creatures, Tales of Symphonia 2, Rygar, Mushroomen, and I would say Disaster Day of Crisis, but of course that will probably never see a state side release sadly. Then in 09, Tenchu IV, Fatal Frame IV, Madworld, House of the Dead Overkill, The Conduit. The last three all produced exclusivity for the Nintendo Wii by Sega, who would have thunk it. LOL. Also 2010, No More Heroes 2, and Dracula Son of the Dragon. Sounds like a bad name but Renegade Kids is behind this one and they made Dementium the Ward for the Ds, which is an awesome game I still have to finish. Also a new Mario, Zelda, and Pikman are in the Works. And the Remakes of Metroid Prime 1 and 2. 1 I know for sure and I am just guessing/hoping for MP2 as well.So here is my question for you Moviebob, maybe you can do a video about it. Nintendo has made a name for themselves this gen for being for the Casual more so then the core, and even with all the games and more being released above for the core do you think this will change the way the core, now sees Nintendo, or will Nintendo now and for ever always be thought of as the Casual Gaming Console?PS: I voted for you in the gaming 1337 thing. Good luck!Sorry if this is posted twice or something.


  2. Bob says:

    This is the first generation where the “mainstreaming” of the hobby has dominated industry talk, and as such longtime/”hardcore” gamers have something to worry/complain aobut on all three consoles that have resulted in each one having it’s own ‘non-core’ rep attached to it. And none of them will ever shake these reps, because each is grounded patially in fact.The Wii will NEVER shake it’s stereotype as casual console that occasional throws a bone to longtime Nintendo junkies. The 360 will NEVER shake it’s rep as an FPS delivery-system for hyper-aggressive middle school boys. The PS3 will NEVER shake it’s rep as a Blu-Ray player that incidentally also runs Metal Gear. The plus side is that these stereotypes aren’t hurting the bottom line in the real world, and only matter in the realm of message board debates – in other words, they DON’T matter ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Eva243 says:

    You know now that I think about it that is pretty true. It is just sort of weird how this gen is going to define Sony and Nintendo, as you mentioned above, forever unless they themselves do something drastic to change it. The original Xbox was a pretty big shooter console as well so I suppose that has always been the stigmatism with Microsoft.I do go on forums a lot especially and it is almost like every other day the Wii is a dust collector/drink coaster, I want to sell my Wii, Nintendo has abandoned the Hard Core, and so on. I try and ignore it, but it does get annoying after a while when you are trying to have a real conversation and all you get is that crap in return. The one main thing that is annoying with the Wii’s new title for itself as the casual console causes developers, such as EA, to look at it and say we should not invest in making something like Mirrors Edge spin off or a port that is build from the ground up for the Wii, but instead we should make games like Rayman Raving Rabbits. A game you can play with your butt.Then of course you have a good game, not a great one, like maybe a B B+ sort of game, like Disaster Day of Crisis and fucking Reggie says that he wants to see how well it will sell in Australia and Europe first before it comes to the states. Basically meaning we will never see it state side. Fuck that pissed me off I wanted that game to! The trailers looked cool. It looked like a fun action game with probably a bad story line, but it might have been over the top which would have made it funny. Sort of like Contra but then again in no way shape or form like Contra.And then there is also this whole thing of whether or not Resident Evil 5 will come to the Wii. There are so many sites saying it is possible and tons of Rumors here and there while the heads over at capcom say that the Wii can’t even handle the title screen. Yet at the same time they say they want to bring the RE series to the Wii or that they will make RE:5 for the Wii if RE:4 and RE:UC sell well on the Wii which they did.So that is annoying. But anyway as for your last episode. I will say I was, as were many others, pissed that the fatalities got dumped down and look like shit just for the DC liscence and a T rating. They took the should out of that game. Still looks like a good game, yet still now soul.But just one more thing about the last episode. Before E3 I know that I and a lot of my friends were looking forward to what Nintendo had to offer. A new Star Fox, a New F-Zero, Mario or Zelda title. Those last two are in the works, but it was just a slight mention. Still I know a lot of people who looked forward to it, and when they came out saying Wii music and Animal Crossing City folk. We were all sort of pissed. My fiancee too loved animal crossing on the Ds, but she knows that this one on the Wii is just the same thing. So she is not going to buy it.So yeah when they announced Wii music everyone was pissed. And yes even on the forums there was 26,000 replies to the thread, “Nintendo is Embarrassing themselves this E3” Plus Wii music had horrible reviews and bad sales, so I really don’t think that that game is good at being what it is suppose to be. Animal Crossing yes, Wii music no. So when we were all expecting something like a new Star Fox title or a big First Party Nintendo title. Instead we get Wii music, and even if it was renamed Mario’s Music, I think it would do just as bad. My personal thoughts anyway.Anyway sorry about rambling on about all this stuff it just gets annoying after a while. But you are right there good games coming to the Wii and the only people complaining other wise are those on the boards. Like I am now ๐Ÿ˜› I suppose my original question was just meant to give you food for thought you know for episode 15.I suppose if you don’t mind I will ask you one more question and that is is there such thing as a casual or hardcore games or just hardcore/ casual gamers. I know some would say the later, but really what defines hard core gaming anyway. Is it all these shit brown shooters on the 360 ;D because that is what it feels like now a days. So does that make me a casual gamer because I enjoy RPGs, Actions Adventures and plat formers. And then what defines a casual game or gamer. I mean I stopped playing games after I graduated high school and got into anime instead. Does that make me a casual gamer for that time considering the fact that I did not play games all that much back then until my JR. year at UCLA? Which is when I got sick of anime and back into gaming so now I am a casual anime watcher ๐Ÿ˜›But anyway, I suppose I have gone on long enough. I look forward to the next episode of the GameOverthinker, and I hope you feel better.PS: Watch Berserk it is the greatest anime series ever!


  4. friv 1 says:

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