Long week…

…you don’t even wanna know. BIG coolness coming end of this coming week if all goes well, but right now? Yuck.

Saw “Coraline” – absolute must see. First real stab someone’s made at doing a legit horror movie for young kids since I don’t even remember when, and it knocks it out of the park. I can safely tell you that I was more scared by THIS movie than I was by The Uninvited. Garaunteed 2009 top-ten movie, easy. If you’ve got kids, take `em. It’s a good movie for all. Will it give them nightmares? Yeah, probably. That’s a good thing. Nightmares are practice for how much adulthood eventually sucks.

One thought on “Long week…

  1. Eva243 says:

    Hay I just watched your last gameoverthinker episode. It was pretty good, I know a lot about grinding considering how many RPGS I have completed, 85, anyway. You talked about order of ecclesia a bit and the main character in there and I just began to think that she is probably one of the best most modern examples of a female character who is not made out to be nothing more than a sexual object. Considering you talk about this subject in a lot of your episodes. I think she is sexy, but kind of in her own way. She is not some piece of eye candy like something from Rumble Roses or Dead or Alive. She is not running around in a bikini trying to save the world. She is acctually a powerful woman with personality and character more so the most other female game character that I have seen in a while. So if you ever touch on that subject again, as you have in about 3 other episodes about woman being objects, Shenoa is probably the perfect counter argument to all games treat woman like sex objects argument. Rosalina was great as well from Super Mario Galaxy, but you can’t play her as a main character.


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