Inglorious Basterds

Well, I’m certainly sold.

FWIW, the main plot of Tarantino’s latest concerns a WWII U.S. Army scheme to shell-shock Nazis in occupied France by conscripting a counter-terrorism squad of Jewish soldiers and dropping them into the shit with orders to committ as many acts of violence, torture and over-the-top cruelty they can think of to every German soldier they can lay hands on, with the mandatory MINIMUM being that they collect the SCALPS of their victims, Little Big Horn style. So, “Defiance” meets “Munich” by way of “G.I. Joe.” And people wonder why I love this guy…

Early tagline seems to be “There are no crimes… behind enemy lines,” which unfortunately translates to “The same toolboxes who tried to appropriate Dark Knight, 300 and Order of The Phoenix as coded messages in support of The Bush Doctrine are probably gonna try and get their mitts on this, too,” so if I were QT I’d try and get out in front of that with a big, solid “fuck no!” ASAP.

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