(presumably) Devastator

Well, it had to happen EVENTUALLY, but I’m still sort of surprised to see it. Courtesy Transformers Movie Chronicles, here it is: FINALLY there’s (apparently) ONE decent-looking robot in a Transformers movie, and it’s Devastator:

I’m actually a little conflicted, truth be told. On the one hand, it’s the FIRST mecha-design in this series so far that doesn’t suck on toast. Yeah, it looks like “generic CGI monster design #5” rendered in construction-vehicle parts, but at least thats better than “Terminator dressed as a pop-art junk sculpture for Halloween” like all the others. And you can see that he’s technically made up of about five seperate vehicles that snap together Voltron-style (in the original versions, they also transformed into individual robots on their own called Constructicons, jury’s out on if thats the case here) so they got that right. It’s just somewhat of a not-unexpected downer that he doesn’t look a THING like, well, Devastator. I mean, literally not even close. LESS close than Megatron, even. It’s like if they had a picture up marked “New Batman costume” and it was a picture of Darkwing Duck.

In any case, if this is anything like the first one you can expect to see this fellow turn up for about five minutes right at the end, rendered barely visible by Michael Bay’s attempt to pretend he’s making Black Hawk Down.

4 thoughts on “(presumably) Devastator

  1. tyra menendez says:

    the ironic thing is, the big tank in the first one, was named devastator.also, the one that got decapitated was bonecrusher, one of the component robots.however, there are the proper six, instead of five component robots.so… watchmen looks good.


  2. Kyle says:

    Yeah… Devastator was my favorite Decepticon (or group of Decepticons) in the cartoon. I loved seeing his name on the big screen, but was miffed of course that it was just the one robot.I chuckle to myself to think they’re just going to sweep that under the rug and remake him. Oh well.


  3. Anonymous says:

    But Bob, Darkwing Duck was at least really cool

    The Megatron in the films is so damn confusing looking it's hard to look at without straining one's eyes.


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