Holy shit. This is too cool.

After featuring several reviews from me as stingers on “The Escapist Show,” The Escapist has given me a featured spot as part of “The Escapist Presents” for my very own OSCAR SHOW! Watch here, as I attempt a thorough examination of the nominated films, a breakdown of the nomination process, a dissection of Academy Awards history but MOSTLY rant and rage about the still mega-annoying snub of “The Dark Knight.”

Check me out:
Oh, and PLEASE do the main link here as well, even if the player is working. The Escapist has some cool stuff to see, and deserves your attention:

I’ll be frank with you guys: It’s been a REALLY rough two weeks for me recently. I’ve got two jobs outside of all the video work – and without getting into big “poor me” details ONE of them I just got laid off from and the second is soon set to close altogether. Not a great situation. But seeing this go up, and seeing the pretty positive reaction to it so far… WOW, what a ray of sunshine. Thank you ALL, seriously. And especially Russ Pitts, the video content head cheese at Escapist who reached out to me for the reviews and continues to be a great guy to do business with.


10 thoughts on “THE MOVIEBOB OSCAR SHOW @ "The Escapist"! GO WATCH NOW!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I swear I can hear your Accent way better on this video. Good luck with the job, I feel you, Im lucky Im not getting laid off but I got my hours cut to 13 a week and only 2 people daily doing the work of 3. I am one of those 2.-Kenpai the unregistered dude.


  2. tyra menendez says:

    i just don’t agree about dark knight – i thot it was mediocre and too much crammed into one’s the joker: we don’t need another villain. we don’t need a sudden appearance of two face, with no psychological explanation of why he showed up, in the first place. an extreme psychological break, like that, needs an extreme psychological reason. suddenly mr. normal turns into a guy who needs a coin to make a choice? the cartoon did better, 15 years ago, with the whole “big, bad harv” concept.and the director? listening to him prattle on about how it’s “more realistic” the way he did was a fucking joke. yeah, i believe the fucking bat pod as a viable vehicle. especially when it just shows up, with no foreshadowing or allusions made to it – just poof, he has a backup vehicle. that’s amateur writing and style over content. it’s like claiming that “the day after tomorrow” was based on real science concerning global warming. don’t tell me something is “more realistic” when it can be seen driving through concrete barriers and not even loose a headlight (previous film, i know), or when your main actor isn’t allowed to even get on the fucking thing, for insurance purposes, because the god damn vehicle is so unwieldy and impractical.don’t make me point out the elephant in the room why everyone decided to take *this* one seriously, while hellboy 2 only gets a makeup nod. i’m not saying it should be best picture, but you can’t tell me dark knight’s visual effects are better than hellboy 2’s.while i’m on it: costume design – it just seems to me, it takes a lot more creativity and imagination to design a costume out of thin air than to dress everyone period. but all the nominees are period pieces. what always wins? the oldest period piece.and eastwood? he’ll get a lifetime achievement, handjob oscar, this year. i’d put money on it.


  3. David says:

    I thought the video was awesome, but listening to what sounded like a pretty fake boston accent (and me being from boston too) was a bit hard to stomach.2 questions: 1. was it a real accent or am i just fucking stupid?2. where the fuck in boston were you right there?


  4. Bob says:

    1.) That’s my accent. I tend to tone it down. That’s what it sounds like when I’m in a bad mood, psyched-up and/or trying to spit dialogue out at a clip – all of which more or less applied for the live-takes here.2.) Downtown Salem.


  5. Cammo says:

    Dug the Oscar show, great job. I think Dark Night deserved a nomination, but I am not too up in arms about it. It would never have won and the hype is out of this world even without the nom. Benjamin Button and Milk are the 2 best movies I have seen so far this year.


  6. tyra menendez says:

    since i went on a rant, earlier i want to extend my sympathies about your jobs. hopefully this movie thing can turn into some sort of paying gig.i do value your opinion, or i wouldn’t keep coming back. even if i don’t always agree with it.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Very, very good job you’ve done there Bob! I was particularly shocked by your live footage, didn’t see that one coming 😛I’m glad you got a whole feature for you, you deserve it.Hold tight for the work situation, and keep up your awesome work both here and on the Overthinker! 🙂-G


  8. Eva243 says:

    I agree mostly with what you said, I of course am writing after seeing them. But the worst part of the Oscars was the tribute to those who passed away in 2008 they kept moving the camera to show off queen latifah I could hardly read most of the names or what they did and just fuck it was annoying and so was her sining.But on an unrelated subject.You do a pretty good job in your other videos of covering up you accent I hadn’t noticed it until now 😛


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