Thought For The Day 8/18/09

So, the “big thing” today on the film-geek side of the interweb (I’m pretty sure Chud had it up first) was that model/actress Diora Baird – best known as “Attractive Woman With Large Breasts” in a handful of movies that everyone has probably seen at least one or two of – had “Tweeted” that she did a screen test for a role in Kenneth Brannagh’s (still having trouble wrapping my head around that…) “The Mighty Thor,” the next big Marvel franchise coming down the pike at this point most-noteworthy for raising the question of how well (if at all) a “magical” character (he’s the LITERAL Norse God of Thunder, and most of his supporting cast/enemies are similarly mythological in origin) will fit together with the other soon-to-be Avengers like Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America who all come from more of a science-fiction background. Left unsaid, of course, is WHICH role she tested for.

Pictured below, Mrs. Baird:

Yes, HERE’S the “uncensored” one:

Question: Right at this moment, so long as those are in the movie… do you care WHO she’s playing?

In any case, assuming (and it’s a pretty big assumption, honestly, like all goofy fancasting) that the part they’re testing for is from the Thor comics, the most-likely candidates that leap to mind are good guy Brunhilde (aka “Valkyrie”) and bad guy Enchantress. Here’s how they’re typicall depicted:



I’m feeling like this could be the best thing Brannagh has put onscreen since those parts of “Frankenstein” he wasn’t in…

9 thoughts on “Thought For The Day 8/18/09

  1. Drunken_Lemur says:

    My vote is Enchantress. But they definitely nailed Loki and Odin, in appearance at least. My question is whether or not Dr. Donald Blake will be involved in this movie, or saved for the Avengers? Does Donald Blake even exist anymore, or has he been phased out completely?


  2. Bob says:

    Donald Blake is “back” in mainstream Marvel continuity, doesn't exist in “Ultimates” continuity where most of the 'mechanics' of how-to-make-an-Avengers-movie seem to be drawn from.

    So far, most of the early stuff coming out about Thor mentions Blake, and since the version Brannagh is making supposedly is much more Earth-set than the LOTR-style Asgard-set movie Matthew Vaughn was going to make, I'd say it's a safe bet that Blake is in there. I imagine they'll forgoe the always difficult “two identities two actors” situation and have one guy play both of them, which makes me wary of either an overly-buff Blake or a less-than-imposing Thor.

    Either way, Brian Blessed as Odin is the best comic-character casting in the history of ever.


  3. MFXD says:

    You, ah… forgot to censor her vageener there. In the mirror.

    Jus' sayin'. I coulda been at work.

    Also, the whole “Am I really Donald Blake, or am I really Thor, or am I a butterfly dreaming I'm a Norse God?” identity thing sounds like the sort of thing Brannagh would explore at length, so I bet Blake's in.


  4. FistfulOAwesome says:

    So? You're boss would be okay with any page featuring a nude model, as long as the naughty bits were covered up? Or for that matter, you not working?

    On-Topic: Anyway, I don't really care when any hot chick (who likely can't act) is cast in a role. We have the internet people! If I want to see Diora Baird in tight outfits, she's probably done like 10 photoshoots last month that focused on that. Why not hire good actresses instead?


  5. MFXD says:

    I dunno. Valkyries are sort of the second most popular bit of Norse mythology next to Thor.

    I think that is why we'll see Valkyrie.

    And if they're trying to minimize the magic, they might as well introduce another element of the same mythology, instead of introducing Enchantress.


  6. Gray says:

    Ungh, Thor :S

    How come he's still popular? Maybe it's because I'm a huge mythology freak, but I just can't stand the whole concept.

    Mythology is kickass as it is, do they really need to dress up Loki in spandex? :-/


  7. tyra menendez says:

    valkyrie is also a man-hater. she's basically a militant lesbian, at this point. not real popular with hetero males that want to fantasize about screwing her.

    just be because she has big tits, you automatically assume she can't act, though? you don't know, she might surprise you. she might be a scarlet johanson. granted, she might be a russ meyer reject, but i say give her a chance, at least.


  8. Anonymous says:

    If Marvel wanted a good comic book movie that delves heavily into Norse Mythology, I think they should have asked Neil Gaiman (American Gods, Sandman) to at least write a draft. The way he intertwines concepts like gods and mythology with relatable, multidimensional characters makes him perfect for something like this.


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