Thought(s) For The Day 8/20/09

Ah, so much going on today…

Well, we got our first look at “Avatar” finally, with a trailer that actually manages to FINALLY tell people what the damn thing is apparently about… without ANY spoken dialogue. That’s kind of impressive when you think about it; though one wonders if that’s more an indicator of James Cameron’s expertise as a visual-storyteller or of how much of the now-evident plot is familiar from other things. Whatever. Campbell, Jung, hero’s-journey, only-three-stories, etc. Main thing is, you can’t deny it’s pretty incredible-looking:

Here ya go:

Gotcha. Look, tell me they DON’T look like that…

Here’s the real thing:

We also have the trailer for “The Wolf Man,” which is light on the title monster and heavy on the yes-we-did-it-“period”-and-here’s-Anthony-Hopkins-to-prove-it. GREAT trailer, oozing class… to the point that the very matter-of-fact monster-movie title coming up at the end almost plays like punchline. The lack-of-monster worries me, suggesting that those rumors about the studio being skittish about having a practical/makeup-FX Rick Baker creature and ordering CGI retooling might have some truth. Dammit…

But, as some of you may imagine, my interest was most-piqued by far by Script Shadow’s rundown of Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan” screenplay…

…in which we learn the film features a sexual encounter between character’s played by Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Yeah, so I’m easy – though anticipation is, of course, tempered by the fact that the last time I went to an Aronofsky movie for girl-on-girl action it turned out to be part of that montage at the end of “Requiem For A Dream.”


7 thoughts on “Thought(s) For The Day 8/20/09

  1. Vincent says:

    Is Avatar supposed to look so obviously CG? Because I've just become so desensitized to movies that rely ultra heavily on CG. I think the Star Wars prequels really helped to ruin CG for me. Whenever I see a world that is mostly CG, I just can't quite enjoy the full awesomeness of the events.


  2. tyra menendez says:

    it does look like thunder cats. it also looks fucked up. is that supposed to be a live action adaptation of the cartoon? because i didn't see anything but a couple backgrounds that looked anything remotely close to resembling anything from the show.
    seriously, i though hollywood got over never taking source material seriously and just using the name in an attempt to pull in the fan base while completely betraying them.
    but then, i don't think cameron has made a movie worth seeing since terminator 2. yeah, that's right: fuck titanic.


  3. Strong says:

    avatar has nothing to do with the cartoon, though they're doing a live-action version of that, too.

    it looks… strange. the cg stuff didn't look that great to me, and i don't think i'd like to see a whole movie of just that.


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