Escape to the Movies: "Inglorious Basterds"

Boy, I hope people actually turn out for this…

…and, concurrently, I hope that the folks who’ve turned out for the action aren’t angry that it’s not quite so all-encompassing; and that the folks who wanted Tarantino to return to his more character-centered style have by now recieved word that this is the case.

4 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "Inglorious Basterds"

  1. Daniella says:

    I'm so truely impressed with this film and the fact it actually makes you *feel* so much, I've been trying to convince everyone I know to go and see it.. but of course, the marketing, and the name itself, seems to be scaring people off :/


  2. Jai says:

    This movie was gut-wrenchingly tense. Just as bad (In the good way?) as District 9, although the type of suspense and gut-wrenchings aren't really similar.

    Really fantastic film, but not one that I would sit through in the theater again. Unlike an action-heavy film, a dialogue-heavy film does not have so much going on that you'll pick up on things you missed the first time around. I suppose the almost magically-thick tension would also be quite deflated, if you watched it a second time — you'd already know how it plays out.


  3. Morgan says:

    The only problem I had was going through a couple of long scenes, even though they were beneficial (it was just a little difficult to sit through and stay awake). The film was quite good, especially Christoph Waltz as Col. Landa (Brad Pitt was also quite funny as Lt. Raine).

    The big surprise was Mike Myers's performance; didn't recognize him at first.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I'm from Israel (and a Jew), my grandpa entire family died in the holocaust. the first chapter of the film was extremely hard to watch.
    I wonder if any non-Jews found that chapter as moving as me (and my friends) found.


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