Hey, look! Spider-Man reboot news!

Ah, Sony Pictures… having you and this godforsaken project to beat up on has gotten me over A LOT of personal and professional humps these last few weeks 😉

Anyway, The Hollywood Reporter’s “Heat Vision” blog is reporting on “the details” of the “Spider-Man” reboot, more or less confirming what the web snoops have been saying all along:

As expected: A dramatically lower-budget, no “big names” in the main cast (so look for lots of stunt-casting in the villain seats), a high-school setting beginning with at least three installments with heavy, openly-acknowledged influence from Brian Michael Bendis’ deplorably-overrated “Ultimate Spider-Man” run. In other words, it’s a Buffy/Smallville approach but without the sole saving grace of room-to-grow afforded by television. (How long has it taken “Smallville” to go all the way from complete-shit to kinda-almost-passable, again?) Oh, and Marc Webb IS directing – possible all of the first three – so you may as well get used to how HYSTERICAL the mainstream entertainment press thinks it is that a guy named WEBB is making a Spider-Man movie.

Elsewhere, Chud’s Devin Faraci is intimating additional information, namely that the main overrarching plot thread is a chaotic romantic entanglement involving Peter, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane and Flash Thompson. Yegh. Why not just relocate the whole thing to coastal Washington State and get it over with? http://chud.com/articles/articles/22215/1/WELCOME-TO-SMALLVILLE-SPIDER-MAN/Page1.html

Elsewhere in geek-world, the Fox Network is developing a (presumably Dr. Who-unrelated) “Torchwood” remake for the U.S. Gee… I wonder what the first thing NOT carried-over will be? 😉

19 thoughts on “Hey, look! Spider-Man reboot news!

  1. JJ says:

    Come on, Bob, you know perfectly well romantic melodrama has been a major aspect of Spidey's book since the Romita period. I haven't seen (500) Days of Summer yet, but given the mostly positive response it got, Sony could have done a lot worse — those Michael Bay rumours made me gag.


  2. Lance says:

    Does anybody know a good website to get a historical/analytical account of the main comic book superheroes? I never read comic books as a kid and Wikipedia doesn't have enough information (or if it does, it's not very concise). For instance, while reading the reactions/comments of people to the Spider-Man reboot news, I was surprised to learn that many don't consider Venom a good villain. You certainly see a lot of Venom merchandise.


  3. KevinCV says:

    I heard about the “Torchwood” remake, too. If it doesn't tie into the “Doctor Who” universe in some way, I'm not the least bit interested, even if they do have get Russell T. Davies involved. Also, to answer your rhetorical question, I can only assume that the homosexuality is not gonna be carried over, which I personally think is what made the show work.


  4. beoweasel says:

    I don't know, I rather enjoyed Bendis' Ultimate Spiderman.

    However, I have a terrible feeling the director might look to Michael Cera to play Peter Parker. Which I hope to god they don't. (Hey, Peter Parker is an awkward, nerdy teen, that has the hots for Mary Jane, the quirky, hot chick…it's perfect for Michael Cera! Right? Right?)


  5. cpt_machine says:

    This Spiderman reboot is going to fail because it misses the point. We all remeber reading spiderman and watching the cartoon and the new movies and we remeber the action, the battles with the bad guys agasint the backdrop of Peters hellishly complicated life.
    If you remove the former and concentrate on the latter, why does it have to be a movie about spiderman?
    And how many times do I have to see the bloody origin of this hero? Its so over played that the last two cartoon series done (the MTV one and Spectulater) both skipped it. This ground has been covered, we know the story. There isnt another spin you can put on it. Peter gets bite by a spider and get powers, fails to stop his Uncles Killer and becomes Spiderman, we know all this?

    As for the US remake of Torchwood… hahahaha. You have to be joking, but assuming your being deadly serious like you normally are I'm betting the gay romance is the first thing to go. Again I think this will be the US missing the point in a translation. Torchwood came about from the fans wanting to see more of Captain Jack and the Dr Who universe, and alot of what was covered was stuff we had seen last season or the seaon before on Dr Who. Without that background it kind of looses it… 'weight' Kind of like playing Smash Brother assuming you've never played a Nintendo game.


  6. Anonymous says:

    hey, bob. after looking at the link to heat vision blog, i was very SHOCKED that the budget for this reboot was $80 million. and now that they're gonna focus on teen angst/romance instead of fighting supervillains, that alone says that this movie will ultimately FAIL. BIG TIME.


  7. Blowshimselfupdude says:

    Teen angst has always been a part of spider-man. Adn even after he left highschool melodrama relationships were a big part in his story.

    Why do you think Ultimate Spidey is over rated? I mean I will give you it's not as good or revolutionary as JMS run on Spider-man. BUT Ultimate Spidey is still great and one of the most consistant quality books out there. I really don't see your problem with it. Any chance of a post explaining why you don't like it other then just saying it's overrated?

    Did you see 500 days of summer? Because it's a brilliant movie. And if the reboot looks like tha tmovie I couldn't be more happy. Because directorialy that is a stunning movie.

    And I don't see how making Spider-man abotu the story and characters while the big bad is kind of the back drop or just not helping the situation is a bad thing. I mea that's what the comics have been for years.


  8. Bob says:

    “Teen angst has always been a part of spider-man.”

    Point of contention: Not really. It was a part of Spider-Man for about two years (out of nearly 30) and then he went to college, and so on. Incidentally, MOST of the major story-points and instances of character-development that've been referenced by the various movie and TV adaptations occured in the post-school stories, as well.


  9. JJ says:

    Granted, Bob, 60s writers took Peter out of high school quickly enough, but romantic melodrama has been a part of Spider-Man since John Romita Sr. was brought on to write the book. He portrayed Peter as a near-dreamboat and introduced Mary Jane so he could write a love triangle.

    Honestly, this was a major step forward for the genre. Prior to Romita's Spider-Man run, superheroes' civilian lives copied the Superman approach; they were just mundane/miserable existences they put on a costume to escape. Romita's soap opera set a new standard for sophisticated writing in the industry — putting characters through the emotional wringer via relationship problems, a very relatable aspect of their lives!

    It's even arguable that Romita's injection of melodrama into the genre was the biggest step forward for superhero comics between Superman and Watchmen (a hell of a lot bigger than the Fantastic Four getting evicted, that's for sure).


  10. browncoateric says:

    “Point of contention: Not really. It was a part of Spider-Man for about two years (out of nearly 30) and then he went to college, and so on. Incidentally, MOST of the major story-points and instances of character-development that've been referenced by the various movie and TV adaptations occured in the post-school stories, as well.”

    Yeah he but the stories were still teen angsty.

    They did a good job with Spider-man two with the Spidey villain relationship. But all three movies really failed miserably when it came ot the relationship aspect. Mary Jane was unlikable almost from the word. Relationships have always been a big part of Spider-man. Maybe we finally get to see them done right now. I welcome character and relationships over big budget action any day.


  11. Bryce says:

    I note Bob that you haven't made any explanations for your apparent dislike of Ultimate Spidey.

    Is it Bendis? Or is it just a case of “This ain't the Spider-Man I grew up with!”


  12. JJ says:

    One more point. You have stated eloquently elsewhere, Bob, that hanging up a “No Girls Allowed” sign is one of the stupidest things in geek culture. Why, then, do you hop right on board with the anal-retentive, “Romance? That's so GAY!” fanboys? We should be offering alternatives to geek girls, not forcing them to watch The Adventures of Sparkly McFangface on the basis of, “Well, what else is there for me?”


  13. Rena says:

    ……I stare at horror of that Torchwood news. As a bisexual woman I more or less have NO ONE in the media, leave my maybe imperfect but one of very few stories… period ALONE.

    Yes the boy on boy was not handled the best way, and yes Children of Earth made me take a break from everything Who for half a year, but I also went out and got CoE on cheep blu-ray eventually because despite it gutting me I did love the characters.

    I just….. gah. Gonna research this more.

    I also will put in that um, you don't per say need romance to pull in the girls. The friendship between the boys, and just as a friendship, is what I liked the most about the Spiderman film trio. Yes I just ranted for a few sentences about Torchwood, but that's really only a little bit about the romance per say. I liked the swinger attitude the series had, and how little a deal was made about sexuality.

    I will say that the Spiderman reboot sounds like something I'd be more interested in as a tv series. I just kinda go meh at that for a movie. Superheros as just a backdrop would be interesting, but I wouldn't be using someone like Spiderman for it. I'd say come up with some new made up character if you're gonna use the supes' as window dressing.


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