Christopher Nolan becomes DC Movies’ "Godfather"

Nikki Finke etc. report that Christopher Nolan, late of “The Dark Knight,” has been officially made “supervisor” of the next “Superman” movie – whatever it might be – and that he’s “hatched an idea” for a 3rd “Batman.” Shocker.

Full story:

The main takeaway here is that he HASN’T immediately committed to actually DIRECTING a 3rd Batman movie, which leads me to continuing thinking that he won’t (losing prospect, trying top an unplanned phenomenon, no win situation, etc.)

Color me… mixed. Love Nolan. Love his movies. Love “Dark Knight.” But the “other shoe” that’s been hovering SINCE “Knight” was the prospect that Warner Bros. would decide that Nolan’s dark, “realistic” Michael-Mann-pastiche approach to Batman would work for ALL of their prospective superhero movies… which would be a DISASTER. Dark/serious/realistic doesn’t work for Superman, or The Flash, or Wonder Woman, or… well, pretty much anyone other than Batman – and even then only for a handful of prospective Batman stories (seriously, if you’re going to cut Batman off from the more scifi/supernatural aspects of even his OWN universe, where is there really to “go?”) Hopefully, Nolan is as “with it” as he seems to be and recognizes this.

The natural assumption, of course, is going to be that having Nolan “overseeing” multiple DC character movies is WB’s move toward aping Marvel’s still-unfolding “shared universe” movie concept – which makes a lot of sense, but I don’t know. Nolan/WB/etc all seem universally enamored of their “down to earth” Batman… can you really imagine Superman stopping by for a visit in THAT Gotham City, or Christian Bale’s mecha-suited-asthma-sufferer Bruce Wayne going to Justice League meetings?

8 thoughts on “Christopher Nolan becomes DC Movies’ "Godfather"

  1. Smashmatt202 says:

    This is cool, but then again, you make a good point. Part of what Batman Begins and The Dark Knight work was that they were place in realistic settings, and, well, 99% of comic books out there aren't the least bit realistic.


  2. browncoateric says:

    i'd like Nolan to be involved in the story of Batman 3 but from what I read it sounds like his brother and David S. Goyer are to be the actual writers.

    If Nolan comes back I thinkt he only director that can follow suit is David Fincher.

    I don't see Nolan for Superman at all really.


  3. Styphax says:

    I agree, I hope Nolan will back off the gritty realism thing. Even Morrison stepped that back in favor of a dark re-imagining of the campier Batman. The next Superman movie should probably be either heavily adapted from All Star Superman/Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow. And/or Some of the current stuff happening with Superman (Though that would probably take 4 strong movies to set up)


  4. JJ says:

    If Nolan is willing to sign onto a supervisory role for a film about a guy who flies around shooting heat out of his eyes at evil aliens, then I'd give him the benefit of the doubt that he's easing up on the “realism” shtick.


  5. M says:

    Nolan and his massive DarkandGritty! stiffy are the only reason I didn't completely love Knight. I liked it. Just not love.

    I think its kinda backwards when people come in and try to push so much realism on the superhero genre. I dont head down to the nearest news station and demand that they cover the invading aliens hovering in orbit.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't know if I would live the DC shared universe to be Nolan's universe.


  6. Mykal says:

    Well personally don't see how the Dark Knight was good. It and the last one, had to watch twice because it bored me enough that I get lost in arguing with someone to shut up at the theater. When arguing with a 10 year old is better then the movie you're watching, it isn't a good movie. Did watch both when it got run on the movie channel. Was bored as well.

    Though a dark Superman movie does work if he dies. I still like the idea that Doomsday being so strong that Superman can only beat him by literally giving it all. It shouldn't be like the crappy direct to DVD version. It allows Superman to be big powerful, and really beat the hell out of stuff. Plus all the audience new or old have to know is Superman is Superman beating the hell out of some force that is so powerful the only way people watching know it as Doomsday. Then they have complete control to do whatever the hell they want in trying to replace Superman in the next movie. It keeps selling itself and squeals on its own. Though I am only really wanting that because of the Terminator version of Superman just be cool to watch.


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