funniest trailer spoof ever?

Okay, fine. “Big Hollywood” gets a pass for today, for pointing me in the direction of THIS:

“CATCHPHRASE!!!!” I’m sorry, that’s effing brilliant. Brilliant enough to forgive it for all the “me too” weak copies of this we’re innevitably going to get.

17 thoughts on “funniest trailer spoof ever?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Over dramatic repose to obvious satire in fan-boy defense of popular movie title minutes before coming to realization that I am a douche.


  2. Dave says:

    Paraphrising from Time magazine here:

    Movie Title will never win an Oscar.


    It never mentions the holocaust. Seriously, the one major thing these guys missed. Otherwise, awesome!


  3. Josh says:

    Observation pointing out that most of these comments are the kind of weak “me too” copies that Bob derided in his comment, wrapped in an attempt at ironic-cleverness that quickly collapses into lame, self-deprecatory masturbation.


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