Escape to the Movies: "Green Zone"

“Intermission” wishes you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day with the 5 Best Drinking Movies of All Time:

9 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "Green Zone"

  1. Leoja92 says:

    Xanatos the villain from Gargoyles that great Disney show that was dark and interesting and aired back when Disney still had some balls. Loved the review by the way Bob.


  2. Anonymous says:

    WOOT! Go Xanatos. The best of the manipulative bastards.

    One problem though…Xanatos wasn't really a total 'jerk' or evil guy, he was pretty much just a CEO who feared death and wanted some more power. He wasn't all “try to take over the world”. And from what I heard from your review, was about a million times more deep than the big bad in this movie.

    Still love the review.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Corn dogs…fair enough never tried them (however we Scots hold the gold in covering things in batter and deep frying them), but Jazz is overrated and Baseball is one of the most boring sports in the world; in there with golf, and watching paint dry.

    Also don't forget:
    WW1 started July 28th 1914 not April 6th 1917.
    WW2 started September 1st 1939, not December 7th 1941.

    And yet in all the war movies I've seen made recently, nothing respectful is mentioned of the British and French efforts and their struggle against fully armed and fresh German troops.

    Honestly I hope there are no American made movies of the Battle of Britain because there were only 7 Americans involved, but I expect it would be those 7 that won the day. So yeah, I would agree with “Arrogant”.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Not to be a dick but there are some Chinese that would disagree that the war only began in 1937, and their are other historians who believe that the war began July 28, 1914. Casting your own beliefs as to when America cared about the war only shows your Euro-Centerism at the denial of our history, because for us, they did start at those days you mentioned.


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