Escape to the Movies: "Hot Tub Time Machine"

This week’s Intermission is titled “It’s Time to Forgive George Lucas”:

11 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "Hot Tub Time Machine"

  1. Leoja92 says:

    I guess all of us Genetic opera fans had that opening coming.Loved the review and now I cant wait to see hot tub time machine


  2. Dav3 says:

    Excellent “Intermission” this week, Bob. Technically speaking, I think that was one of your best written pieces yet. Well reasoned, entertaining, passionate, and all with a sense of purpose. Everything good journalism should be.

    Personally, Star Wars was never a religion for me, so even though I am a movie nerd, I never totally understood why people hated the prequels so, so much.

    However, your article really lays everything out nicely. The prequels were an enormous disappointment, but people's personal hatred of Lucas is out of control.

    Incidently, I'd watch Jar Jar all damn day if only Anakin didn't make every line sound like a f-ing cereal commercial, and overall crappiness aside, The prequels have some awesome movie moments, and I hope we can all agree that they're better than the Holiday Special…


  3. Anonymous says:

    'Intermission' was great, and mirrors my feelings exactly. If I were you, I'd have mentioned that 'Star Wars' technically belongs to Lucas and that he's free to pretty much do whatever he wants with it whether the fanboys like it or not, but your angle worked excellently as it is.

    I'm surprised you picked HTTM to review for this week, though; I was expecting 'How to Train Your Dragon'. HTTYD looked pretty high-profile (I thought it was pretty good) and HTTM looked trashy, but having seen your review, I guess I'll check it out. Don't judge a book by its covers and what-have-you.


  4. tyra menendez says:

    I hate the Farely brothers and all their movies. If this is that kind of “funny”, count me out.
    Though I have to agree with the Back to the Future, thing.

    Lucas? Yeah. I finally got over the poisoning information and Emokin Crywalker contained in the prequels to go back and enjoy the original movies. It doesn't hurt that the 2006 DVD release contains the original versions, though without the treatments of anamorphic process or THX sound. So, it's still a mixed bag. And I think that may be the biggest problem: why can't we get a high grade version of the non-special edition movies on DVD? You can try and drag out your THX VHS version, but.. wow, have I been spoiled to DVD and modern digitization.
    Honestly, the only reason Lucas, the Brand got where it is, is because the fans spoke and said, “Yes, we want more of this, please.” But when we say, “No, we'd actually like this”, we get ignored. So, Lucas, the Person, may be great, but Lucas, the Brand lost his fucking mind.
    So, no it didn't ruin my life, but it did turn me off Star Wars for an entire decade.

    Monty Python sketch… <_<


  5. Anonymous says:

    The intro about the comparisons between Repomen and Repo! shows me you didn't do any research at all on the subject.
    The fact that they both were tricked concerning their wife's death, the drugs name in Repo! is Z and in repomen it is Q, the singing dead guy bit, the bar coded heart on both posters, they both use a scaple and talk about how great it is, and both of the evil corps place a artificial organ into the hero and threaten to take it out.
    Usually I expect you to stand up for the little guy who is getting screwed, but in this case you just said some bullshit about how we must also think that any movie that involves time travel is a copy.

    Anyway I completely agree with the Back to the future segment, it would be terrible and if they cast Shia I think the whole generation would do horrible things to the director.


  6. Anonymous says:

    So you think Hot Tub Time Machine is still good. Huh. Well, I WILL say that that BTTF “joke” is indeed logical. Personally, I think if they DO have the gall to do that, a character who might do McFly more justice would be Jesse Eisenburg. But that's just me.


  7. Sir Laguna says:

    Ok… what?

    First, Repo! The Genetic Opera is freaking amazing, and is kind of a cult movie for some people right now. I mean, is not Rocky Horror, but itgot its following.

    Second? There's something about Mary? that piece of shit was awful!!!

    What happened to you! you used to have good taste in movies (well, you said that G.I. Joe was entertaining so I think you may be wrong sometimes anyway).

    Your videos are amazing anyway, so, nevermind.


  8. Anonymous says:

    To Tyra.

    Actually, I hadn't considered that, but it could work too. I mostly selected Eisenburg because I hear he was good in Zombieland. Plus, he seems like the kind of gy who'd have seen the original Back To The Future movies, & may know how to do it right.


  9. tyra menendez says:

    Eisenburg is not Marty McFly. Micheal J. Fox was “an pretty cool guy”, Eisenburg is fine for what he is and it works in Zombieland, because that's the character: a big, awkward dorky/geeky kid that you automatically assume is a virgin with 100 allergies and/or phobias. Eisenburg would actually work better as George McFly.


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