Chris Evans is Captain America

So says THR’s “Heat Vision” blog:

This all comes after Marvel Films essentially shortlisted, “considered” and screen-tested every “all-American”-looking male actor in the United States, up to and including Ryan Philippe, Channing Tatum and John Krasinski. If true, the deal not only gives Evans the lead in (at least) one major Marvel movie but also co-lead in “The Avengers” and (likely) cameos in “connected” Marvel movies. It also saddles him with the unenviable task of explaining to research-averse film journalists that it “doesn’t matter” that he was already in the (terrible) “Fantastic Four” movies because the shared “Avengers Universe” movies Marvel is making doesn’t (yet) include characters who’s franchises are currently owned by other studios (re: Spider-Man, X-Men, Fanastic Four, etc.)

In the broader sense, this also turns the (still akwardly-titled) “The First Avenger: Captain America” into the capper on a pretty big – and interestingly comic-book-centric – year for Evans: He’s also got big roles in the DC-based “The Losers” and Edgar Wright’s “Scott Pilgrim” movie.

Additionally, for those who hadn’t yet heard, the victor in the casting of The Red Skull – aka the battle of vocally-gifted pan-European character actors specializing in bad guys – ultimately went to Hugo Weaving.

7 thoughts on “Chris Evans is Captain America

  1. KevinCV says:

    I'll be honest. I'm somewhat skeptical about Chris playing Cap. But I won't judge it til I see some footage of him in action. Hugo Weaving as Red Skull? Yeah, I could see that, provided he can do a convincing job of it.

    By the way, unrelated, but I wanted to ask this, since you seem to be a “Doctor Who” fan. I'm basing this mostly on that pic of Tom Baker in one of your Game Overthinker vids from awhile back, but still. I was wondering if you've seen any of the trailers for the upcoming season? If so, what's your take on Matt Smith's Doctor so far?

    I think he'll do a decent job. Especially since he's got the great Steven Moffat in charge of the writing. I will still miss David Tennant, but I'm definitely giving Matt a chance. Especially with the stuff in the trailers I've seen on YouTube.


  2. Dav3 says:

    I say, “it could be worse”.

    Generally speaking I enjoy Evans' work. He is one of those actors with genuine charisma. In other words, he can be fun to watch even if the movie around him isn't. (as he's proven in “FF”, “Push”, and the underrated “Sunshine”)

    His look doesn't really make me think of Cap, but again, it could be worse.

    As for Hugo Weaving, I can't put my finger on why, but that choice rubs me the wrong way.

    He's also great actor to watch, but it seems to me like there must be someone out there better suited for the part.


  3. Anonymous says:

    i dunno about this whole Avengers thing….. i mean it sounds cool and all in theory, but when you really think about it, i really cant see it working to well. Don't get me wrong, im super excited to see The Avengers on big screen, i just cant shake the feeling that there will be too many big name actors trying to share screen time, in my mind it honestly comes off sounding kinda stupid. but what do i know…. i mean i thought Heath Ledger was the worst idea for the joker ever, then i saw the movie and was completely floored by what he did with that role. so who knows, it could be great, and i will be eating my words. but i just kinda have a bad feeling about this whole Avengers thing. cant wait to see Cap though, one of my favorites. and Hugo Weaving as Redskull….. holy shit, i think i just spilled the gravy in my pants.


  4. Leoja92 says:

    Personally I would like to see a germane actor play the red skull, it might be hard seeing as Christoph Walts(I think thats how you spell it0 already played an evil movie Nazi I doubt he would play another so soon.


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