Escape to the Movies: "Repo Men"

“Intermission” is an interview with Jeff Kinney, author of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”:

12 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "Repo Men"

  1. Leojaa92 says:

    My biggest problem with Repo Men was actually the lack of singing that and goth girls.Goth girls and Paul Sorviono can make any movie a classic.


  2. Jason A. says:

    THANK YOU! finally someone else who shops the wal-mart movie bargin bin and seen Repo TGO. I liked that movie alot. was hopin Moviebob would have at least mentioned it seein as the story's concept are similar.


  3. Kyle says:

    I am also chiming in with my curiosity on the Repo! The Genetic Opera vs Repo Men thing.

    I have a friend who does a part in the shadowcast of a local picture show of Repo! TGO that they perform monthly. (Yes, like they do with Rocky Horror)


  4. Walter says:

    I saw REPO:TGO and it was a story I had never heard before told to me in an interesting way. HUGE points for effort on that one, but that alone doesnt make it a good movie, just a curiosity.

    Im hoping that by taking a similar story and polishing it a bit and adding some better actors will help the idea along to its full potential.

    I'm probably going to give Repomen a pass till it hits DVD for just this reason.


  5. Leoja92 says:

    While both Repo men & Repo :TGO share the same premise in the end I found The genetic opera to have a lot more going on under the hood in terms of story & Character(as well as having something to say). However I can also see Genetic opera is not a movie for everyone.


  6. Han says:

    minor note:
    verhoeven is pronounced ver-who-ven in dutch. I don't get how everyone started saying that wrong, you'd think someone would have corrected them at an award ceremony or something.


  7. Cenobite829 says:

    Bob I was hoping like so many others to hear your thoughts on Repo:TGO. I started liking that movie as soon as I heard the sound track. (which I heard first) It was a great movie with great music but defenetly an aquired taste.


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