Easiest prediction anyone will make this week

Do the math, i.e. the now-resigned General Stanley McChrystal: No four-star U.S. Army General is going to give the kind of interview he did to Rolling freakin’ Stone and NOT expect to get shitcanned for it. If you’re TRYING to lose your job in spectacular fashion, openly mocking your boss is a good way to do it.

So, then: Within the next few months (after “staying out of the spotlight) for a bit, General McChrystal will be on the Teabagger circuit as a “martyr” to Obama’s “disregard for the military” or whatnot, and he’ll probably be a Senatorial (Presidential?) candidate not long after that. Just you watch.

27 thoughts on “Easiest prediction anyone will make this week

  1. BFG says:

    Shit canned or not, he'll be pulling $8-10k per month for his retirement easy.

    Nothing like saying fuck you to an incredibly incompetent windbag of a boss and him still having to pay after he fires you.



  2. Blue Tecken says:

    Hmmm, That's an interesting hypothesis. You were certainly dead on with calling E3, but I'm skeptical of this particular forecast.

    McChrystal claims to have voted for Obama, and while he is clearly disappointed with Obama, I think that is a long walk from joining the Teaparty circuit. Speaking engagements, sure, lots of high profile retried generals go on the lecture circuit. And he might even give one to the teaparty crowd, but I would doubt his joining the movement at large.

    Further, I think he would have a great deal of difficulty running on his military career for for any sort of bid given the quagmire that is Afghanistan. He would get hammered on by any opponent, obviously using unconnected PAC's. Also, that sort of public airing of laundry would play poorly with the general voter base as the attacks were mostly personal in nature, and would appear embarrassing during an election.

    Finally, the man is clearly a no-nonsense sort of guy, and I don't think the teaparty crowd would be his target demographic. Surely they would respect him, and like to have him, but I don't think the feeling is probably mutual.

    If I'm wrong, I'll come back and eat crow though.



  3. Anonymous says:

    Bob how dare you show disrespect for a four star general. You will never be one-tenth the man that General Stanley McChrystal is. You have no idea what this man has done for our country. His actions FAR EXCEEDS what ever you have done and will do for your country. In fact, I'm really confused as to why you even talk about politics at all. Are you aware that he got LESS THAN HALF of the soldiers he asked for? Of course not. Because the only thing you google more than stupid Stephen Colbert clips are video game wiki's so you can go back to babbling about video games and label yourself as a “filmmaker” to help yourself feel more accomplished. Go to hell.


  4. Anonymous says:


    I brought this up before, but by your use of the puerile “teabagger” epithet, shows that you aren't interested in a rational dialogue.

    You just want to denigrate people who have a different opinion than yours and not discuss ideas.

    You are no better than people who call homosexuals “faggots” or black people “niggers”.

    Grow up.


  5. Anonymous says:

    To the Anonymous post two above me:

    Back when Bob was on Youtube, he thanked American soldiers for their service in one of his Game Overthinker episodes. This little rant of his is not against the American Military, but against this induvidual general. This General's behavior toward his superior is uncalled for. Politics should not cloud Military Duties.

    In short, Go Fuck Yourself.


  6. Blue Tecken says:

    I have to agree with the anonymous post directly above me here, but also have ask the person said post is directed at; where do you see in Bob's post anything actually negative about the military or McChrystal?

    He is talking about a political calculation, and making a guess. The only thing I can see to be misconstrued as an insult against McChrystal is if you think the teaparty crowd sucks, and Bob associating McChrystal with them is an insult by proxy. On on flipside, if you happen to love the teaparty… it would be a compliment…? Maybe ease of the redbull, huh?


  7. BFG says:

    As someone who was in the military, that's the stupidest fucking retort I've heard too many times. Like the military is free of criticism. I guess military masturbation isn't just for Michael Bay.

    And there is little rational to discuss about the whackos who show up in majority at the teabagging rallies.


  8. Mike Ralls says:

    Hey, since many people on the left are giving a hand to Obama doing his job, I think it would be quite a appropriate and not at all childish if we started calling anyone who is supportive of Obama a hand-jobber. Say it with me, “We can expect a bunch of Obama hand-jobbers to come to his defense in the following days,” . . . yea. That's classy and doesn't at all lower the political discourse.

    Stop being a douche and using the term Teabagger Bob. It makes you look like a twelve year old who thinks he's soooooooooooooo hardcore!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Bob. You're above petty politics. Gaming and movies transcend politics most of the time.

    Why use such a disparaging term against people who could potentially be your fans. I'm a born-again Christian and I've come to love your videos and reviews even when it's pretty obvious that you don't care for religion or the people associated with it in almost any form.

    Hell, I bought–and love–Tatsunoko vs Capcom based on your own recommendation.


  10. Dave says:


    I brought this up before, but by your use of the puerile “teabagger” epithet, shows that you aren't interested in a rational dialogue.

    You just want to denigrate people who have a different opinion than yours and not discuss ideas.

    You are no better than people who call homosexuals “faggots” or black people “niggers”. “

    Teaparty supporter using the term rational dialogue is funny enough, but using it in the same post as equating the term teabagger with the n word. Especially considering the pronounced racist overtones of the movement.

    People use the term nigger because they hate black people for being black people. Its a sign of bigotry. Using the term teabagger implies you hate tea partyers for being stupid, whining ignorant numbnuts who don't know a damn about how their own government works, or what they are even protesting about, or the very documents they claim are supporting them.

    Not even remotely comparable.


  11. Anonymous says:

    (new anonymous)

    Teabaggers started using the term “let's go teabag those politicians” before it became a term for “people who only have in common the fact that a) they don't know what's going on, and b) they're mad about something”.

    They only started complaining about “the left” using it as an insult AFTER they found out it was a sexual euphemism…

    As for McChrystal, there's only two ways to leave the military if you want to get involved in politics. Retire, or be discharged. And the only way to get discharged without a medical is to break a rule, something minor enough that they let you “resign” rather than prosecute you. And openly disparaging the President falls into that category.

    McChrystal wanted out, and he knew the best way to go about it.


  12. joemello04 says:

    >>I'd rather vote for a general than a community organizer.

    I'd rather vote for a community organizer than someone who tries to undermine authority.

    There's no liberal/conservative issue here. The only issue is that he called his superiors a pile of horse manure and was dumb enough to have someone write it down. It's okay to not like/disagree with your boss, but never in public. General McC earned his resignation fair and square.

    I think he'll be a consultant/expert either for the military or the media. He'll probably be asked to run for public office, but I think he'll be smart enough to decline.


  13. Anonymous says:


    You said:

    Especially considering the pronounced racist overtones of the movement.

    Want to make an easy $100,000.00 for the United Negro College fund? Just prove that the word “nigger” was used once, not 13 times like the Black Caucus said, but just once when they walked through the Tea Partiers. It should be easy since they were carrying Flip cameras, right?

    Breitbart will cut the check.



  14. Anonymous says:

    this is exactly why i suggest you stick to movies and video games, your smart ass perspective on everything other than entertainment just seems to piss people off.

    you either need to tone it down so you don't come off making yourself sound like a pompous ass and making everyone else feel stupid because they don't agree with your perspective on every little thing.

    or….. if you insist on bringing up religion and politics on a website specifically called “MOVIE-bob” say what you want to say, but don't be such a ass about it.

    or….. you can find a comfortable middle ground on said topics.

    either way you need to tone it down.

    people will only tolerate being called stupid for having an opinion for so long, before they realize they person calling them stupid watches movies for a living and has no real knowledge of politics or religion.

    just saying….


  15. Mike Ralls says:

    Giving the well thought out and highly reasoned logical arguments people have given against the tea party movement here, let us take a brief moment and take a lesson from that fountain of wisdom, Cracked magazine;


    Political Science: Why Talk Radio is a Terrible Source of Information

    Politics are boring, and for the 20 percent or so of you who will spend a lot of time following politics, many of you will do so via entertaining political talk shows on radio or cable.

    Now, we don't have time to go into the mind-boggling list of idiotic things Glenn Beck has said, and will not laboriously debunk the rantings of the hundreds of other political talk show hosts like him. What you need to understand is that with talk radio and TV, the format itself makes accuracy utterly impossible. It's fairly simple, really. If a political talk show is going to get ratings, it has to have two things in every episode:

    A. A clear, simple thesis (ie, Liberals Are Destroying America, Corporations Are Destroying America) that continues through every single segment;
    B. Up to the minute commentary on current events.

    You see the problem: These two things are going to sometimes conflict.

    Even if the thesis of a show is Pie is Awesome, the host is still going to wake up one day and see headlines about a pie recall because some tainted filling killed 173 people. Guess what: he still has to do a show that day about why Pie is Awesome. He will manipulate B to make it fit A, even if he has to lie. He doesn't draw a paycheck otherwise.

    Likewise, if the big headline tomorrow is that Barack Obama single-handedly fought and slew Lucifer, Glenn Beck still has to do a show about how Obama is an Anti-Christian Communist out to destroy America. That's what his show is about; that's what the listeners tune in for, that's what his advertisers paid for. If he doesn't follow through, his audience will simply turn the dial until they find someone who's willing to tell them what they want to hear.

    So, because a talk show has to, by necessity, sometimes skew or outright lie about current events in order to maintain the entertainment value of their show, trying to learn about current events by listening to a talk show is like learning physics by watching cartoons.

    Chapters Include:
    I. If the Host Compares His Opponents to Communists or Nazis, He is Crazy;
    II. Why Politics Cannot be Simplified;
    III. If the Host Uses Derisive Nicknames for His Opponents, He Has Nothing to Teach You.


    Last point it key there to anyone who's not a twelve year old. That includes you Bob.


  16. Nixou says:


    It did not work very well for McArthur: yeah, there were talks about him going for the presidency, but in the end the winning general was not the “martyr” who got fired because he forgot his place.

    As for the comments here… I remember the time when Wesley Clarck, already a retired general, was oh so very politely saying that there was no visible connection between the invasion of Iraq and the war of terror: the Teabaggers (then called Bushists) were stridently accusing him of treason: this double standard alone makes contempt for the Tea Party crowd not only justified but mandatory: being against the idea that military personnel is serving the civilian population, that a general, no matter how many fucking stars he has, never outrank civilians (from the president to the douchy kids of your former high-school janitor), and he has the right to open his mouth only after he left the army and is back to the civilian life, makes you unfit to get any respect whatsoever.


  17. Jonathan says:

    I'm going to make a fool out of myself again,
    Yeah, apparently McCrystal is a social liberal. Don't expect us teabaggers as you call us to go running to him.

    I'll disagree with that “news commentator” or “entertainer” or whatever pseudonym is thrown around for him on one point: what McCrystal did is indefensible and wrong.


  18. Rubbav1 says:

    I love you guys, you're so cute with your little criticism and internet rage. So I, because I lack anything better to do, will try to balance out this conversation with my own fashion of logic.

    First off, I believe it is impossible to defend what McChrystal did whether you agree with him or not. Any good conservative should be able to recognize ceremony apolitically. Publicly criticizing one's boss is an encroachment upon that ceremony which should not be taken lightly under such inconsequential circumstances. He deserves to be sacked.

    I think we all can agree upon that. But there seems to be this issue. An issue involving the term “teabagger” and right wing's predictable reaction to the General's unceremonious sacking. While, writing this I have the radio on and am listening to a Senator, I believe, who is apologizing for fine that has been placed upon “BP”. This frightens me. For you see, even though McChrystal is a liberal, he is still up for martyrdom by the new conservative movement which has quite blatantly abandon its standards in the past year. It is now simply content with being contradictory to whatever our president has approved for the country, absent of thought, in order to please this tea party movement.

    I will not lie by saying that I fully understand the tea party's goals because they become vaguer and less coherent with time. Though I do recognize the fact that they do get offended once they are called “teabaggers” so I avoid saying this to their face. For you see, the teabaggers, lacking structured goals and resolves, and parading around like Pharisees, are desperately trying not to go the way of the hippie (and other such groups like them) and attempting to maintain dignity in the face of their slowly declining shelf-life. But I will say this: they are radicals and should be treated as radicals. They are protected in the media as clowns but it wont be long before another plane dive bombs an IRS building and they will be revealed for what they are…Cocksuckers


  19. Rubbav1 says:

    It is ashamed upon our educational system that the attention spans of our citizens only last for a paragraph before they have to go off and play with their crayons.

    Read on, jerk-off.


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