Escape to the Movies: "Knight and Day"


12 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "Knight and Day"

  1. Dav3 says:

    Turns out I happen to enjoy being distracted for 100 minutes in a big air-conditioned room, so I'm not gonna take your advice this time, Bob.

    Incidently, I think you confused “different” with “good” in Splice's case. I agree different is impressive and noteworthy, but that doesn't automatically make it good. (I left a much longer rant in the ETTM:Splice comments, if you're interested)

    As for the Smurfs, I'm just barely young enough to have missed them originaly, so I don't particularly give a damn either, but yeah that trailer somehow pissed me off too.

    I think the problem is the blatant disregard of the original material. So blatant in fact, that even non-fans can sense it. It's like a blind and deaf person who can feel the air pressure dropping prior to a hurricane. You just know instinctively it's gonna be bad


  2. xarin says:

    glad to see I'm not the only one wondering what the smurfs are doing in New York. Actually knowing the stories they originate from(I'm from the Netherlands) makes it even stranger…

    I'll be hoping for a zombie smurf though(look it up), that would be awesome


  3. Anonymous says:

    i remember you saying this movie was gonna be good….. haha, guess your not always right.

    a smurfs movie….. bout 40years too late if im not mistaken.

    i thought everyone knew that Seth Rogan is playing the Green Hornet….. kinda old news bob.


  4. Blaze Laurence says:

    u should look up a fan movie called Batman City of Scars its hard to find and my friend showed me it and it really what batman should be its not long but its more of a real batman as a person


  5. Dave says:

    Oh you did not just diss rice cakes. Them's fighting words sir. Fighting words.

    Incidentally, you did miss out on the single most important factor in moving the smurfs to the modern day. It allows them to get one of them to rap in that hyper formulaic early 90s white boy rap that nearly every show has used at least once and we've all heard about a billion times. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

    As for Belgium, i don't think they care about the smurfs. they've still got tintin. Now when Speilberg inevitably makes the movie about tintin's daddy issue like he does with ever damn movie he makes, THEN they can get pissed off.


  6. Taylor says:

    Bob, you forgot the biggest thing that won't make it into Wonder Woman movies: Male Domination Bondage makes her lose her powers. (Yep everyone, Wonder Woman's original weakness was that being tied up by a man renders her powerless)


  7. Drunken Lemur says:

    Damn, I was hoping for Jonah Hex. Will it even still be relevant next week? Probably not, right? Huh, doesn't Eclipse come out next week? I wonder what could possibly be next? 🙂 As for that next article of things being left out, I don't know what other franchises you might talk about.


  8. Fitz says:

    I'm 20 and know Romancing the Stone.

    Summer movies are breezy and I don't see them if I don't want to. Inception will look to make up for this summer.


  9. beyrob says:

    I was talking with my boyfreind about this (he's from Belguim orginally) and he thought it was weird but was more miffed about the modern day thing and wondered if there was going to be a Gargamel or Azerial was going to be in it.


  10. Anonymous says:

    I'm from Belgium…

    I was thrilled about a Smurfs movie being made, but this?…

    Sounds like another 'Garfield' to me, which managed to be terrible, even with Bill Murray in it!


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