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So… evidently, quite a few folks take offense to me using the word “Teabagger” to refer to the “Tea Party.” Well, y’know what I take offense to? As an American who happens to be living about 15 to 20 minutes from where the ACTUAL “Tea Party” took place? I take offense to one of the defining moments in American and indeed World history – an act of disobedience against actual tyranny by actual freedom fighters – being co-opted by a “movement” that can’t even be bothered to form a coherent ideology outside of “irrationally infuriated.”

So, yeah… I’ll probably keep on using that particular word here and there – just like I’ll keep calling liberal walking-jokes like, Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan (remember her?) “nutters” and worse. Because it puts a sharp point on things, and gets a “rise” out of people. I make dismissive, bad-taste jokes about things that are comical to me… it’s kind of my “thing.”


It also occurs to me that, fairly or not, the preponderance of similar-style mockery in the current political world means that my meaning may be taken more “broadly” than I intend it. So I should probably put this on the record:

I don’t hate “conservatives.” Or “liberals” for that matter. And I’m not an especially big “devotee” of President Obama at this particular point. In fact, I think that Obama – or at least the initial “Obama Phenomenon” – has to shoulder some of the blame for the “Tea” business: Nothing in politics comes into being without bringing an opposite-number with it, and Obama proving that you can build a functional coalition on vauge emotional appeals to “hope and change” meant that you can ALSO build one on vauge emotional appeals to “fear and anger,” and hence, well… you get the idea.

Frankly, I’m fairly “situational” when it comes to ideology – which I suppose falls under “relativism” but my ego keeps telling me to call “thinking on my feet.” There’s a copy of Atlas Shrugged within walking distance of my desk here, and it’s on the same shelf as “Dude, Where’s My Country?” During my daytime commute, the car-radio is almost always tuned to an overwhelmingly-conservative local talk station, and if this were any other night but Friday I’d be typing this with MSNBC on in the background (Rachel Maddow runs the best show on Cable, hands down.) I’m happy to talk, debate, converse and be friends with conservatives, liberals, libertarians, socialists, whatever.

My disdain for the “Tea Partiers” – and thus use of “Teabaggers” – is NOT a disdain for rational Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, etc. I don’t even necessarily have anything specifically against individual people who turn up at the damn rallies… at least not in theory, after all I don’t know ALL of them. My GENUINE disdain lies for the self-proclaimed “public faces” and “leadership” of this thing. Mrs. Palin, Mr. Beck, the various D-list celebrity hangers-on and the “real” politicians who’ve signed on either out of a cynical short-term power grab or because they actually buy it (not sure which is worse.) THOSE are my “Teabaggers” and, no, under the circumstances, I don’t feel particularly bad about giving them a risque nickname.

45 thoughts on “Regarding political posts

  1. Bob says:


    Yeah, I know. But especially in cases such as this, where the thing doesn't really have a “structure” other than a bunch of upset people occasionally having “here's what your REALLY upset about!” dictums imposed on them by external agitators, I got the sense that I should explain myself further. I don't want reasonable conservatives/libertarians/whatever who read my blogs and watch my shows to think I “hate” THEM as individual people.


  2. Anonymous says:

    We never called ourselves “Teabaggers”. That was started by MSNBC's David Shuster, Rachel Maddow, CNN's Anderson Cooper and was repeated ad nauseum on the Lefty blogs.

    It is a way of denigrating a legitimate movement that is protesting against the massive government spending of the Obama administration. Example:

    That's a serious problem. Spending 1.2 Trillion on a bogus “Stimulus” program, 2.5 Trillion for Obamacare…you're starting to talk about real money.

    We're broke, time to stop borrowing money from the Chinese and tighten our belts.

    Instead, Obama heads for the buffet and fills up plate after plate…


  3. Jonathan says:

    Also, this.
    Also, we owe about as much to Japan as to China.
    Also, I really didn't like how “Dark Knight” handled China.

    Also, if you think about it, what both Japan and China are doing could be called “tribute”, as are grandfathers and great grandfathers defeated one and brought the other out of an economic apocalypse, though we won't call it that and they definitely will not call it that. Nonetheless, every bond they hold is unsecured debt. There is nothing they can foreclose on or repo when we default, and we will default.

    Not that I want to encourage anymore borrowing or that we should avoid our debt obligations entirely. Much of those bonds are held in deposit holding banks.


  4. Tyler says:

    oh snap I didnt know ya lived in beantown Im like a mile from where you are, also whats with people being offened nowadays and expecting a hug and an apology for we shouldn't have to apologize to someone just because we hurt their ideological feelings and seeing as its a free country fuck em


  5. CHRISTOPHER!!! says:

    btw, I find it funny that a LOT of people don't know what “teabagging” means. For the unenlightened: Teabagging is a sexual practice in which a partner lies down face up and the male partner squats over the one lying down and dips his balls in the others mouth. I doubt the actual teabaggers know this…


  6. Euler d'Moogle says:

    I'm with you 99.9% at least. Possibly 100%.

    Back when the tea party movement was a minor affair complaining about high taxes and the size of government, I almost considered myself a member. Then the crazy happened, and the tea party movement because 10 lbs. of crazy in a 5 lb bag. I'm not happy with them anymore.


  7. BrandonL337 says:

    Sorry Anon, as much as you would like to fuel your persecution complex, you guys called yourselves teabaggers first, then when we let you in on the joke you guys said we made it all up. (recent)historical revisionism for the lose.

    Honestly though I would think you guys would still embrace it; after all you seem to be obsessed with Obama's “bill” being shoved down your throat, you just need to let him know that you prefere his teabags.


  8. Anonymous says:


    Link to where Tea Partiers used to the term “Teabagger” to describe themselves.

    Hint: They never did.

    Did they want to send Tea Bags to DC as a form of protest? Yep.

    But they never called themselves “Teabaggers”.

    Only hip Dems knew about gargling someone's balls…big suprise, I know.

    It's cute how it's used to slander the Tea Partiers from the ever so tolerant Left, but don't kid yourself into thinking they referred to themselves with that moniker.


  9. Anonymous says:

    “Link to where Tea Partiers used to the term “Teabagger” to describe themselves.

    Hint: They never did.”

    They may have never referred to themselves as it, but they certainly endorsed the action.

    By inserting the term into their rhetoric, the 'teabaggers' damned themselves.


  10. BrandonL337 says:

    Actually I know about Teabagging from playing Halo because most Halo players are frat boys and twelve year olds.

    Now that I think about it, they are probably conservative frat boys and twelve year old considering the general “oorah!” attitude of that game.

    Also as I said, you guys are the ones with the deepthroating innuendo, you're not exactly innocent in terms of the knowledge of fringe sexual practices.


  11. AndrewTheEternal says:

    Tea-bagging is a sexual fringe now?

    Oddly enough, I also have Atlas Shrugged and Dude, Where's My Country? on the same shelf. The difference for me is that reading D,WMC? feels like drudging through the mind of a snake-oil salesman while reading AS is like a tortuous glimpse into the mind of a self-aware sociopath.


  12. rob says:

    Wow (except Bob) the first response is 1. anonymous, and 2. Immediately starts fingerpointing.
    And clarifying for the other anonymous: The word Teabagger implies “Someone who teabags” and then the picture myself and someone else linked, comes into play.

    I don't know if the stimulus bill and Obamacare is wasted money, I never read either bill, neither did -anyone- else for that matter, so let's trust the guys that are trying to save the country with it.
    I mean, it's not like he's a “former” oil-executive.


  13. BleedingHeart says:

    You support a rise in mediocracy (which will some day be a word) by censoring an individual's right to a structured opinion by the assertion that clowns should stay clowns (if that makes sense which it probably doesn't).

    But Bob is not a clown. He is a man with an opinion and a blog. What else are you suppose to do with a blog but vent about shit.

    We should not hide from constructive debate and conversation simply because they cause shit but, instead, seek to learn from them.

    For instance, Bob has revealed to us that he supports the rising popularity of the bipartisan “movement” that started as a cynical marketing plot by independent candidates (and then exploited by everyone else) to suggest that expertise, competency, and constructivism should all be held second to “fairness”.

    And I'm not entirely sure if that's a bad thing. It's a humility thing, I guess. (even though I think it would help if people realized that there were more than four ideologies and would consider pragmatism when making decisions)

    Man, I'm using parentheses a lot. Thank you, ESL.


  14. beyrob says:

    You make a good point, though I consider myself Liberal I have some right wings tendencies. I consider myself happily in the left of middle which is why when Tea Party guys froth at the mouth with ultra-right policies it just annoyies and angers me. Same goes for unrealistic left-wing daydreams which make me roll my eyes. That being said…Obama is a bit of diapointment…but let's not get too far into that..


  15. Anonymous says:

    The other Anon said:

    They may have never referred to themselves as it…

    Exactly my point. The Left labeled them “Teabaggers” to denigrate them and their message with a puerile sexual slur.

    I mean, I could do the same thing and call Obama supporters “Obama cum guzzlers” but that's a bit juvenile, don't you think?


  16. Jonathan says:

    This brings us back to the phrase “Fucking Retarded” that Rahm Emmanuel said.
    Many people who sit on the same side of the “conservative/religious” fence that I do got into a huge hissyfit and missed Emmanuel's point. Quite frankly his language was not strong enough.


  17. rob says:

    Wow anonymous, you really aren't trying anymore, I actually placed a link between the picture I posted and the word Teabagger, and then you start about “Cum guzzler” ok, where is a Liberal with a sign saying samething like “Bukkake the troops before they bukkake us” because that would be a proper comparison.

    Got a picture of something like that?

    Right now, you're really bringing the level of this conversation way down.

    For me as an outsider (Eurotrash) it's easy to comment (not that our government is any better) but this whole middle east bit is turning into a 2nd Vietnam.

    And coming back to the movie part of this website; the only good things coming out of that war are Platoon, Good Morning Vietnam and Apocalypse Now.


  18. Arty O says:

    You know Anon, if “Obama Cum Guzzlers” caught on I would be happy to take up the moniker.
    But you know us leftys, we are all sodomites and fornicators and we all just want to bathe in Obama jizz.

    Honestly though, I guess “Teabaggers” is a little childish. The moment our sick liberal minds see a teabag we think of all the sick, dirty things we can do with it. (That is just how we roll.)

    You just have remember this is politics, it gets dirty. You are going to be called names you don't want to be called. But hey you are try to change the country. You can take a little bit of scorn right?

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you believe your cause is just, then you might just need to suck it up and take a hard one for the team.


  19. Anonymous says:


    So you're saying because of one person's sign, you get to slander an entire movement that consists of tens of thousands of people?


    I'm pretty sure there's a word for that…but it's slipping my mind right now.


    It is childish and like I said, if you want to have an open and honest dialogue about our problems, calling the other side “Ballsuckers” isn't really elevating the debate.


  20. BrandonL337 says:

    We're not slandering you no one seriously thinks that you want Obama's balls, we're just mocking you for being unaware of the innuendo.

    Maybe that makes us childish but I consider screeching about death panels and other right-wing conspiracy theory bullshit and making racist signs of Obama to be far more childish.


  21. Arty O says:

    I'm saying that every important social, political, and artistic movement got made fun of. If you take a political stance expect to get made fun of.

    And I think you should be proud of being ballsuckers. Alexander The Great was a ballsucker, and he conquered half the world.

    Now if you exuse me I have to go meet up with my evil MSMBC watching friends smoke some weed and steal jobs from white people.


  22. Anonymous says:


    As someone who shoves his balls into people's faces for a living, I am seriously offended by your use of “Teabagger.”

    That lumps me into the same category as Sarah Palin and Glen Beck, and I am offended!

    My people do something that not many would do, and that makes us real Americans. I demand that you apologize to real Teabaggers everywhere.


  23. Kyle says:

    I used to like Rush Limbaugh. I always dug his optimism.

    I LOVE Rachel Maddow. She's fantastic.

    I still kinda like Rush. I've always had my bullshit filter going with him (I do with Maddow too). I take the things they say that are true, and disregard the lies.


  24. Anonymous says:

    “So you're saying because of one person's sign, you get to slander an entire movement that consists of tens of thousands of people?”

    When one sign says something stupid, it's a lone “idiot”. When two signs say something stupid, it's “a few fringe nutbars”.

    When there's hundreds of examples of jaw-droppingly stupid signs from all sorts of rallies country-wide…

    You have to wonder. Who's the REAL teabagger? The rational guy who wants small government, or the guy standing next to him screaming about Muslims in the White House?

    When your movement has been co-opted by fruit-loops, it's time to either kick them out, or pick a new group to associate with.

    Face it, the “tea party” has come to symbolize “loonies” not because of some left-wing conspiracy, but because every right-wing loon has come out of the woodwork to join the party.


  25. Anonymous says:

    The Teabaggers don't need to make a new word for people that call them teabaggers. There are so many already like:

    Liberal (say it with a really dirty face)

    You see, you don't have to strain your little brain power to come up with new ones. Hell, I just save you time that you could have been using actually standing for something.


  26. Anonymous says:

    “When there's hundreds of examples of jaw-droppingly stupid signs from all sorts of rallies country-wide…”

    Hundreds? Huffpo could only come up with 10 and most of them aren't half as bad as the Anti-bush ones:

    Not to mention the Left's plan to “crash” the Tea parties to “make them look even more crazy than they already are.”

    So who even knows if those signs are legitimate?

    The stupid “Obama is Hitler” signs are from hard Left LaRouche supporters…

    The MSM has tried to paint the Tea Party as a bunch of Birthers, or violent racists, but luckily no one is watching them or believing them any more.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Whatever. Don't know. Don't care.

    At least you're smart enough to poke fun at yourself and put a comedic, sardonic twist on your political views, which is more than can be said for a lot of Americans.


  28. Anonymous says:

    that huffpo article is the top ten as you are well aware, you disingenuous fool. That is huffpo top ten no one is saying that those are the only ones. you didn't even read your own source, there are five slide shows on that page with at least 50 different pictures

    and considering the bury Obamacare with Kennedy signs were practically mass produced you really don't have a leg to stand on.

    as for your second link, the guy clearly states that he wants to prank them, and aside from that the writer of said article is very critical of the idea. In any case isn't it convenient that this guy publicly states his secret plan to infiltrate the tea parties thus giving them the ability to hand wave any racism, sexism, homophobia, antisemitism, and jingoism? I'm not saying anything I'm just asking questions.

    as for your third link, I wouldn't be to trusting of that guy considering is use of “union thugs” let's just say that I don't consider it credible. and anyway, I don't see it mentioning Larouche anywhere in the article and even if it did Larouche is a political cult who's ideas are so warped that I can't make heads or tails of them.

    Larouche believes that all of history is a conspiracy by the jews. He's hardly a lock-step liberal (though such a term is as meaningless as lock-step conservative, DINO, RINO etc.)

    he also believes in the death panel nonsense which is the reasoning behind this

    seems as though larouche and his followers will believe any and all conspiracy theories. Larouche isn't even far-left he's just crazy and he happens to be left wing on some issues.

    oh and btw I'm BrandonL337, for some reason my password never seems to work unless i set up a new account and i'm sick of doing that.


  29. joemello04 says:

    From a famous paraphrased quote: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know it's me.”

    -Democrats think rightly that the previous administration screwed the pooch but are too cowardly when pushing their agenda.
    -Republicans are right in that too much spending and too much government, but are wrong because their heads are so far up their butts, they can see out their mouths.
    -The Tea Party is right to want to “throw out the bums” because that's what a lot of politicians are, but their world view is completely unrealistic.

    In other words, all sides are right in some aspects and wrong in others. A well-rounded person would take the best non-conflicting pieces from each side and form their opinions from the result.


  30. Bob says:

    “Face it, the “tea party” has come to symbolize “loonies” not because of some left-wing conspiracy, but because every right-wing loon has come out of the woodwork to join the party.”

    I can more or less get behind this.

    Like I said, I don't mean to cast aspersions on people who are GENUINE sane, small-gov libertarians. But those people really need to wake up and realize that this Tea Party thing doesn't belong to them any more, if it ever did, and get out while the getting is good. When part of your “touring company” is Victoria Jackson singing a song about the president being a communist, the movement isn't worth taking seriously.

    If the Tea Party wanted to be a REAL force for POSITIVE growth on the right, they should've put a sign up right at the start that birthers, social-conservatives, religious idiots, fundamentalists and all the other regressive nutcases weren't welcome. Of course, the rallies wouldn't have been nearly so large then…


  31. Anonymous says:


    “If the Tea Party wanted to be a REAL force for POSITIVE growth on the right, they should've put a sign up right at the start that birthers, social-conservatives, religious idiots, fundamentalists and all the other regressive nutcases weren't welcome. Of course, the rallies wouldn't have been nearly so large then…”

    They have:

    About the idea of most of the people at Tea Parties being populated by birthers, nutcases, etc…

    I don't buy it. How many Tea Parties have you been to? I've been to 3 in my local area.

    Most of the people there were nothing like you describe. They were mostly older, patriotic Americans, who were peaceably assembling…probably for the first time.

    Everyone was concerned with Obama's unprecedented spending binge.

    We're worried for our kids and grandkids. We're broke, yet Obama is still spending. The EU is broke and on the edge of collapse, yet Obama urges them to spend more.

    If you want crazy, there it is.


  32. Anonymous says:


    The tea-partiers can't ban a single person from their rallies seeing that they have no centralized leadership. So that even if one of the organized local teaparties does ban the racist and fucking retards, all said person need to do is to move next door.

    No one has control of the teaparties! The closest they have are Bachnman and Palin. Yet the tea-partiers are afraid of any sense of centralization seeing that it would only turn them into another special interest group that may be easily ignored.


  33. Anonymous says:

    Anon 2,

    They don't have centralized leadership because the movement is truly grassroots.

    People just coalesced and made it happen.

    The people that put on the first Tea Party in my town ran a t-shirt shop, hardly paid GOP hacks.

    One of the things that drives the MSM crazy is that there isn't one face of the Tea Party they can demonize. They're trying to make Sarah Palin and Bachmann the heads, but they aren't.

    I think the Tea Partiers resist being centralized, having a universal platform, and becoming “legitimate” is that we've been fucked over so badly by the Republicans [that have a platform, are legitimate, etc.] that they want nothing to do with it.

    There's also that the Tea Party can't be co-opted if they remain somewhat amorphous…but, as pointed out, that the fringe loons can move into that space and cause trouble.

    It's still a young movement and it'll be interesting to see where it can go and what it can do.


  34. Anonymous says:


    Yes, because The Center for American Progress's website is a great place for factual info about the Tea Party. *cough*

    C'mon now.


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