"Avengers" at Comic-Con

So… Marvel Films got the entire “hero cast” of The Avengers up onstage at Comic-Con. Everyone was expecting it, but it’s still pretty incredible that this is actually happening.

Also incredible yet wholly expected: Mark Ruffalo is the new Hulk, Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye, and Joss Whedon is directing.

There were also teaser trailers and rough scenes shown for “Thor” and “Captain America,” and from Slashfilm I find some details from a “Cap” scene they showed revealing A.) one of the ways Cap will tie in with certain other Avengers characters (what sort of mythology was it Nazis were obsessed with, again? Heh.) and B.) which HUGE piece of the Marvel arcana is playing a previously-unmentioned part… and my mind is now BLOWN!

10 thoughts on “"Avengers" at Comic-Con

  1. Euler d'Moogle says:

    So let's see, there are three super hero movies on the horizon, Capt. A, Thor, Avengers, and they all look to be really good.


    Did the universe break down and kill us all and we just never noticed?


  2. Nicholas says:

    The thing I'm liking right off the bat is the dueling screen presence coming from the big three, RDJ Evens & Hemsworth. Looking over the cast picture a sense of excitement comes to my being. I can't exactly put my finger on things just yet. It's in the small details. RDJ is being exuberant and cocky, Hemsworth is a head taller then everyone else. And Evens is placed nearly evenly between the cast. Nothing I would consider actual data of any kind, but a good feeling comes out of it for me.


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