Is THIS the new "Godzilla?"

Legendary Pictures is prepping another stab at an American-produced “Godzilla” feature, and apparently they’ve been showing THIS image around Comic-Con. It has an AR (Altered-Reality) stamp on it that makes a roaring sound and particle-effect fire when held up to a webcam that’s been teased on AR sites, so apparently it’s legitimate product. Question is, is THIS what the new Godzilla actually looks like?

Because if so, color me 99% “sold.” I just want to see his feet – I’m hoping they’ve opted to accept that Godzilla just “has” humanoid proportions and not try and give him more “authentic” tri-jointed legs or feet like most re-design attempts have.

13 thoughts on “Is THIS the new "Godzilla?"

  1. Scott Glasgow says:

    Sorry Bob,
    I'm probably just not in the tech loop, but what the hell are ARs? I just Googled them and came up with nothing about hidden animations and sound effects. I'm probably searching the wrong thing, but whatever tech this is, is sounds hella cool!



  2. Dave says:

    The 90s called, they want their kaiju designs back.

    If they are just going duplicate what we've had for the past 2 decades, why bother? I'd rather see a fresh take on it. and while i've resigned myself to thefcatthatI'll never get my hyper gritty hard R rated spiritual successor to the original where he's a walking metaphor for all our fears, I'd still like something a litte more original.

    The GINO design was by no means a bad monster design. It's iconic and easily identifiable. I would not mind seeing that design in a movie made by people who gave a damn. the animated series was the only thing that ever did it justice.


  3. Axle says:

    I'm gonna start by saying I liked the other American Godzilla movie. Though I was 10 and it was movie with a giant lizard in it. Even then I was at least disappointed about some of it though, mainly the lack of energy breath and the pregnancy thing.

    Ok, now that that has been said. This looks roughly 1000 times more badass. It would be pretty awesome to see old school Godzilla monster battles all fancied up with today's technology. So here's to it being true.


  4. Dave Kraft says:

    I want to know if he's got really big feet like his original version. You know what they say 'bout dudes with big feet….

    …. they were probably in the Street Fighter games at one point or another. XD


  5. Nafees says:

    i actually wouldn't mind his feet to be tri jointed as long as the rest looks like it does in the pic.
    Just also the engineer is me, but it just 'works' better as a functional monster to not have the regular human like feet.
    but even if it was, doesn't change that much, it's a giant gorilla whale


  6. H says:

    i wouldn't really mind tri-jointed legs, as long as they fit with the body and the overall design screams “powerhouse”. american 'zilla, ehh, did not. and as long as the film doesn't just focus on “joe mcamericanguy” and his shitty relationship drama. and if it actually shows the monster in any kind of clear, glorious shot.

    maybe add in some crazy asian magic stuff, maybe some alien invaders. ooh, and have a giant mecha(godzilla?) piloted by a hoot-blooded sentai team. hell, they could be the main characters. throw in gigan, ghidorah, mothra (with the twins), and anguirus and you've got yourself a show.

    oh, and of course godzilla and anguirus have to be able to talk to each other and have all sorts of witty dialogue. keep the mood light and all. ;3


  7. Dave Kraft says:

    In all honesty I'm REALLY stoked about this, but I really hope they set the film in Japan and not New York City. And I also wouldn't mind the tri-jointed legs so long as they gave him the really big claw-toed feet he had in the original, classic version (as opposed to the three-toed T-Rex feet he had in GINO).

    Not to slightly deviate from the subject at hand but Bob, if you remember back when you did your Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen review you said something along the lines of “This isn't a Godzilla movie where the monsters can't talk so you need this elaborate human story to drive the plot,” and while you were saying that you showed a snapshot of Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidora: All Out Monsters Attack in which Godzilla is battling Baragon. At least I THINK that was the movie (I could be mistaken). I don't know if it was intentional but that specific film seems to be where Orci and Kurtzman ripped off much of their material for Bayformers 1 and 2. That's not even meant to be a joke; some of the scenes are too similar for comfort while others are creepily almost exactly the same, such as when the dude falls through the ground and sees Megatr- *cough cough* I mean King Ghidora frozen in ice.

    And the Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidora: All Out Monsters Attack movie is better than Bayformers 2. And no, that's not a joke, either. I had to watch it for a Japanese film studies class and was surprised at how much more entertaining and put together the overall production was.

    Now the only question left is when we'll hear more about the Gaiking film…. I'm so stoked for that! 😀


  8. Joseph says:

    Godzilla symbolizes a towering fear of mankind's ability to create weapons of mass murder easier with each advancement in technology. He's a dinosaur who was transformed by nuclear testing. A cautionary warning to mankind about their ignorance towards the dangers of their new technology.

    He's not an iguana that was mutated into an Iguanasaurus Rex because the French were testing nuclear weapons on tropical islands.

    Legendary Films had better learn from that 1998 garbage heap.


  9. R. Dempsey says:

    Since you apparently read all your comments and I have no idea what your e-mail address is, I'm just going to plug this here;

    A Godzilla centric episode of The Big Picture? I'll be very surprised if that's not in the works.

    Also, I will comeback and nit-pick any factual inaccuracies in said hypothetical video. Because that's what nerds do.


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