Pictured, center-frame: Young woman, cosplaying as “Bayonetta.”

Pictured, bottom-left: Young boy, in the midst of what will be a defining moment of his adolescence.

(photo by Shiraz Malik, seen on Kotaku.)

7 thoughts on “Suddenly…

  1. Dave Kraft says:

    LMAO!!!!!! Great caption! I must share this.

    On a side note:

    By no means is this an indictment of this cosplayer's costume-making abilities, but if you hadn't told us that was a Bayonetta costume I wouldn't have known. It just looks like a black catsuit with a cleavage window (minus the cleavage) and lots of decorative laces. I'm just saying, because it's possible it's NOT a Bayonetta costume and instead a different character like some creative take on Catwoman or something. Here's a Bayonetta cosplay pic:

    Note that there is zero resemblance outside of the boob window feature.


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    Hilarious stuff!!

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