the future is now

Thanks to everyone who reminded the me of this. Today is August 1st, 2010. Sound familiar?

Today is the day in “the future” where upon Lisa Simpson is supposed to marry Hugh St. John Alastair Parkfield, as foretold in 1995 by Episode 2F15. The nuptials were set to have occurred at 1:00pm this afternoon, and apparently would’ve worked out better had the wedding been held in church with God instead of outside in the cheap showiness of nature. (more after the break.)

Those who keep track of such things will of course note that we are now roughly 20 years away from Mrs. Simpson being elected as the first straight female president of the United States; approximately 2 years after which she (presumably) will, in a shocking act of nepotism, appoint her brother Bart to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. And yeah, right up until Episode GABF12, that really did all more-or-less fit together.

Note: To save valuable time in replying to “Simpsons”-related posts, you may wish to copy-paste the following response in the comments: “Because it doesn’t air in the early-AM on Adult-Swim or Comedy Central, I haven’t actually watched “The Simpsons” in over a decade. However, I would nevertheless like to declare that it sucks and has not been funny since whenever I stopped regularly watching it except for that one I saw that actually WAS funny but must have therefore been an anomally.” Thank you 😉

7 thoughts on “the future is now

  1. Axle says:

    Because it doesn't air in the early-AM on Adult-Swim or Comedy Central (and doesn't seem to air on Fox evenings near me anymore) I haven't actually watched “The Simpsons” in over… 3 months. However, I would nevertheless like to declare that it… is still awesome even though the overall quality is (apparently) not as good especially the occasional really good new episode. I would also like to add that “The Simpsons Movie” was super fantastic and more than redeems a lot of the less than stellar content that has been released.

    Also, you say it is the 10th in your post but today is the day yeah. I wish I would have remembered stuff like this.

    Double also, I know that wasn't funny as I'd like, but I am amused at least.


  2. Sssonic says:

    I kept pace with “The Simpsons” for a good long while until about three years ago, when the Movie helped solidify that the lifeblood of the series was just completely and utterly drained, a fear that steadily built since about the twelfth season onward for me. That, and it really, REALLY wasn't funny anymore. Every time I peek back in to see if that's changed, the show helpfully lets me know in no uncertain terms that no, it hasn't. Sorry if that means I fall into this strange generalized Simpsons-hating crowd you speak of here but which I personally have never encountered in my long travails on the internet.


  3. Tom says:

    I watched the Simpsons pretty religiously until around Season 15 or so, though to be fair I was feeling serious show-fatigue around Season 12 and the episode “Homer the Moe” in Season 13 became famous in my family for being perhaps the worst episode of the Simpsons ever produced. So the enthusiasm had left me around then.

    I've looked back in a few times since, and I haven't been generally impressed by the smattering of episodes I've caught. I don't know what changed but at some point the characters stopped being endearing. Episodes like “Lisa's Wedding” and “And Maggie Makes Three” are magnificent examples of shows where we care about the characters and they transcend being mere punchline-delivery systems.

    My problem with the current Simpsons isn't that it isn't funny anymore, the movie was funny enough. My problem with the Simpsons is that they seem to have become different, more unlikable and characters that average people can't relate to. It reminds me too much of Family Guy, a show that's mostly populated by jerks who, once or twice per episode, make me laugh pretty hard. I think that works for Family Guy, but not The Simpsons, a show that was once touted as being brilliantly down to earth has become an exaggerated parody of itself.

    But I have been out of it for a while, so maybe it's swung back in my absence. If you (or anyone) has a suggestion for a more recent (after Season 17) episode that captures both the humor and the heart of the Seasons 2-6 days I will give it an honest chance and tell you what I think.


  4. akkuma420 says:

    I remember seeing The Simpson's shorts on “In Living Color” then soon after seeing season 1 being aired on TV.
    I watched this show almost religiously from seasons 1-9, I just couldn't stand what it had become by season 10.
    I tearfully said my goodbyes to a childhood friend that had been with me since my adolescence, moved on and never looked back.
    It really makes me sad to see what one of my fondest childhood memories has become.
    It really started to go down hill (i feel) since season 9.
    Now days I cant even sit through a single episode.
    The characters are completely unlikable and have no human emotions or anything to relate to for that matter.
    Homer Simpson has become Peter Griffen.
    They have resorted to Family Guy style humor, meaning random is funny.
    They use slapstick humor through out most of there episodes, which was something they did indeed use in the older classic seasons, but not as there main shtick like they do now.
    And another thing that really REALLY pisses me off is how they basically pretend the old seasons just didn't happen by remaking classic episodes to fit the times.
    The one example that I've seen and I'll never forgive them for was remaking one of my all time favorite episode's, the one where Marge and Homer meet in Highschool.
    I could not believe that they remade that episode so Homer was in a Grunge band that rips off Bush songs and blah blah blah.
    Long story short, the show fucken blows now, the movie blew just as bad, and they need to take a hint from Seinfeld and end it before things just get stupid.
    Things are already stupid so I guess they have nothing to loose.


  5. SatansBestBuddy says:

    Ah, the Simpsons.

    I still put that show on every now and then to remind me that adult cartoons can, in fact, be better than most of the drivel they put on Primtime nowadays.

    Truly a brilliant show that was far ahead of it's time.

    Actually, I think I'm gonna go watch that episode right now.


  6. Dav3 says:

    I can't believe I just watched that one a few days ago and didn't notice the date.

    As for the quality of the show, yes it sucks compared to what it used to be, but what do you expect? A lot of the people who made it great have long since moved on and been replaced. Today's Simpsons is like a tribute band version of itself. Couple that with the fact that they've told every story there is to tell and, well… “You see how you scum”.

    Anyway, I always say that Troy McClure said it best in the 138th Episode Spectacular: “Who knows what adventures they'll have between now and the time the show becomes unprofitable”


  7. SamStar42 says:

    Genuinelly the greatest show ever made. Even when it had its two to three seasons of pretty badness (thank you very much Mike Scully) during Seasons 10-11 and the reconstruction period from seasons 12-14, it's got a lot better in the recent series. A lot more enjoyable. Still the greatest cartoon on TV, bar maybe Futurama,


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