The last time I stuck hastily-assembled Mario photoshop stuff up on here, I wound up seeing it all over the web.

Let’s see if that can happen again…

13 thoughts on “Overpowered

  1. KevinCV says:

    @RestamSalucard: The “belt” is actually the strap that was holding the FLUDD onto his back in the fanbase-splitting game known as “Super Mario Sunshine”, of which I'm one of the fans who actually enjoyed it, despite the cheesy voice acting. However, within the context of this pic, I'd assume that's what is holding Pit's wings in place on his back.


  2. rob says:

    A TheDVDGrouch

    Well, it's a slippery slope.
    Mario is kid-friendly, and he's recognisable as an actual person, so shooting a gun would give it a very high rating. Megaman, in the main-series, is hardly more than a few pixels.

    As fas as running and flying goes, Mario needs no more than a Tanooki suit ^^


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