puzzle time! (updated with hint)

The meaning of this image will be revealed on Friday. Happy decoding.

HINT: If this were advice, you’d be wise to take it.

18 thoughts on “puzzle time! (updated with hint)

  1. drumstick00m says:

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (the NES) will be reviewed by Bob this week instead of the Expendibles (the bullets) and Eat Pray Love (the food)



  2. akkuma420 says:

    Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World seems funny and all, but it also seems like it may have a little too many video game cliche's in it.
    I like the idea, but, to much of something always turns out to be a bad thing.
    who knows though.
    I really hope I end up eating my words cause I want it to be good.
    Cant wait for The Expendables though.


  3. Sssonic says:

    Not entirely sure why you felt the need to be cryptic about your review of “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”, especially since pretty much no one expected you to review “Eat, Pray, Love” and “The Expendables” has been pretty much completely overshadowed by SPvtW anyway. Still, it's a cute little image, and I look forward to your review almost as much as I look forward to seeing the actual movie (though, sorry to say, actual movie wins because it means I get to hear the Opening Menu/Great Fairy theme from “Legend of Zelda” on theater speakers, if nothing else).


  4. Filmduck says:

    @sesonic: The Expendables has only been overshadowed in the nerd community dude. I didn't develop into the mega-nerd I am today until college, so most of my friends from High School are not nerds. The only reason any of them give a crap at all about Scott Pilgrim or are seeing it is because I am home from college and forcing them too. They all are looking more forward to the expendables.

    I am not saying the Expendables will make more money but the mega hype for scott pilgrim from what I have seen rests squarely in the nerd community alone.

    On a different note I thought the cryptic message was pretty funny and am happy bob chose pilgrim over the expendables.


  5. Christopher says:

    So yes I think we can all say that you will be reviewing Scott Pilgrim on Friday…and by the looks of it, you have some very nice things to say about it. Hate that you film critics have some really dumb embargos


  6. Sssonic says:

    Filmduck: All I'm saying is, I've yet to see one ad for “The Expendables” without actively seeking it out, while no matter where I go or what I do, I'm seeing “Scott Pilgrim” stuff EVERYWHERE. If “The Expendables” has built up any kind of momentum at all, I've yet to see it.


  7. TheAlmightyNarf says:

    I don't pretend to be even remotely familiar with anything Scott Pilgrim, but the whole “guy has to defeat evil ex-boyfriends for the love of a girl” thing seems incredibly sexist to me. I dunno… hopefully there's more to it than that. But, that premise is a little off putting to me.


  8. FotoVerite says:

    Thank you almightNarf, felt the same way about the comics and no they never really address it in a great way. Some great comic bits but the meat of the story leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


  9. J_Tracey says:

    So Expendables isn't worth it, Eat Pray Love is certain death, and Scott Pilgrim vs the World is fucking awesome.

    That's awesome cause Scott Pilgrim is one of my favorite comic series.


  10. bearerotso214 says:

    For a series that is pretty much designed to poke fun at video games and gamer culture, I feel like the story fits perfect for the medium its parodying. That and they are all just ridiculously fun reads.


  11. RyuKage says:

    I've only gotten into Scott Pilgrim recently. I had heard about the books a couple of years ago and wanted to check them out, but I just couldn't find them anywhere. I wasn't even aware of the level of video game tropes in the series, but the idea that a guy has to literally fight off his girlfriend's seven evil exes sounded kinda hilarious. Now that I've finally read two books of the series, I'm looking forward to this movie. I'm just a weary of Michael Cera as Scott, he seems a tad on the shy side in other performances. (But it could certainly be worse *cough*LaBeouf*cough*)

    @beyrob Good, I'm not the only one who was thinking “T-rated Romantic Comedy No More Heroes”.


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