somehow innevitable

German filmmaker Uwe Boll gained fame making really, really bad movies out of video games, openly-antagonizing internet movie writers who hated them, challenging his critics to boxing matches and opening the action/comedy “Postal” with a slapstick-comedy restaging of 9-11. Really.

When that well dried up, he moved on to making “straight” horror/action films and questionable-taste dramas built around hot-button political issues; notably “Darfur” (that was actually the title) and “Rampage” – a kind of rural, youth-oriented “Falling Down” about a small-town loner on a day-long killing spree. At least one thing is clear: The man understands the importance of a “hook” for selling low-budget movies.

For what it’s worth, “Rampage” was kind of a revalation for me: Well directed, well written (he also scripted) and possessed of a genuinely keen undestanding for the unique nihilism of a theoretical Middle American sociopath. It’s his best film, by far, and if ANYONE else had released the same product it would’ve been recieved as one of the better indies of that year. If nothing else, it means that it’s impossible to simply dismiss him as a resourceful hack – the man has actual talent. Which is kind of too bad, because I get the sense that most would prefer and excuse to dismiss or otherwise not acknowledge what is apparently his next “big” project.

“Auschwitz.” Seriously. (NSWF trailer and more after the break…
Hat-tip to Chud and Twitch…

For those unfamiliar, that’s Boll himself in the Guard uniform.

Someone was eventually going to make a “torture/gore-FX-showcase” shocker out of The Holocaust, which is what this looks like – and it’s definitely interesting to see it coming from Germany of all places – but still… yikes.

12 thoughts on “somehow innevitable

  1. Chris Cesarano says:

    I've been wondering what the guy has been up to, and wasn't even familiar with his works before he started making game films (also: I still find House of the Dead to be hilariously bad like Street Fighter).

    This actually does seem interesting. As you say, it's coming from Germany of all places, and uses the slogan “Never Forget”. I had heard that Germany likes to try and gloss over the period in history involving the Holocaust and such, though I've never known it to be truth or rumor. If it does, then I can see this film intended to have significant meaning.

    Maybe it's just that the material he was trying to cover when it came to video games wasn't suited to him?


  2. mirage says:

    Looks like I'm going to actually pay to see a Uwe Boll movie. The trailer shows that if this movie gets any media traction then opening night is going to be quite an event.


  3. Dav3 says:

    Oh Bob. Rampage?

    I came across it in the Netfilx streaming library and, being a fan of schlock, and consequently Mr. Boll, I took a look.

    15 mins in, I was thinking:
    Wow, this is gripping and poignant, there's no way this an Uwe Boll movie.

    30 mins in, I was thinking:
    So this is all it does?

    60 mins in, I was thinking:
    Cheap. Pointless. Built on a core of tasteless sensationalism. This is an Uwe Boll movie alright.

    I kept waiting for it to turn some kind of corner from pure shock to insightful commentary, but it never did.

    The only good thing to say about “Rampage” is that watching it may be enough of a release to keep some tormented soul from actually doing it.

    As for being well directed and written, it looks like an America's Most Wanted re-enatment and I understand it's like 99% improvised, so… no.

    There's no question Boll is getting better at what he does, but sadly, what he does seems to be getting worse.


  4. Elessar says:

    Part the first:
    As a…I don't know what, but I watch bad movies, I too have seen Rampage and it was…eh. Miles better than all his previous attempts, but only in the way Plan 9 was miles better than oh say, Manos the Hands of Fate or Troll 2.

    Part the second:
    Okay, so yes it was innevitable that someone was going to make a torture movie out of the Holocaust and yes it is mildly interesting from a cultural perspective that it's coming out of Germany (stand by for German shit storm).

    That said, the trailer, Never Forget tagline aside, looks just plain tasteless. If you want a mature disturbing exammination of the Holocaust in film form go watch Schindler's List. Hell, read Maus or Night. It's also a massive gamble on his part, because if this is half as tasteless as it looks his career is over.


  5. untra says:

    Whats a nsWF trailer?

    All kidding aside, thats a pretty messed up trailer. How could he go about filming the movie in Germany? The German government is fairly strict about minimizing holocaust publicity as much as possible.


  6. Marsailis says:

    Only here, only on this fucking site would I find someone actually advocating/pushing for a Holocaust themed Horror/Shock film, as well as praising Uwe Boll for his shitty bang bang innocent victim shoot em' up shitfest “RAMPAGE.”. Seriously MovieBob, after this, you have no reason to not watch A Serbian Film, no reason at all given your most recent recommendation.


  7. Stefan says:

    I didn't see any recommendation/advocating in the post. All he did was point out it's existence. He described the film as “interesting” but not from an entertainment standpoint, but from a distanced sociological standpoint. It's interesting in terms of it being hard to imagine: A German-made horror film about Auschwitz and the Holocaust, directed by Uwe Bowl of all people, is something that shouldn't exist, and is interesting in the same way a car crash is, or a serial killer case.


  8. underthepale says:

    One thing's for sure: The man knows how to raise a stink. If the net really takes this ball and runs with it, Boll could have a serious hit on his hands.

    For all the wrong reasons, it must be said.

    It's almost like he's taking all that hate and trying to funnel it, right into the theaters.

    He's probably banking on the fact that people already call him a “Nazi” (Whatever happened to more general-use slams, like “asshole,” or “shithead?”), that's probably why he's in a Nazi uniform, manning a gas chamber. It's almost a parody of his harsher critic's tirades on him.

    I probably won't be seeing it, but it should be interesting to watch this unfold.


  9. tyra menendez says:

    Tom Cruise has also been in a couple decent movies, doesn't mean I'm going to start liking him, either.

    I can still hate Boll for being a fascist meat-head. Did he really think that beating his critics in a boxing match would make them any less right?


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