kind of brilliant

Trailer for a “Pokemon” fan-film (not technically existant) that seems to be taking a not-too-subtle “shot” at the grim-n-gritty “reimagining” genre. Pretty spot-on.

12 thoughts on “kind of brilliant

  1. Aaron says:

    Seriously, Metroid Other M isn't bad because it tries to make Samus a more three dimensional character. It's bad because it's poorly written and acted, had lame repetitive combat, and has next to no exploration. And how can you call the Prime games creatively bankrupt? The worlds they put you in were so seamlessly crafted were as Other M has totally lazy level design. And it isn't a FPS. It's an adventure game the happens to be in the first person. It doesn't control or feel anything like an FPS. Can't put it past you to put your bias aside.


  2. Ben says:

    Already saw it on Kotaku.
    Won't stop me from watching it again, though… It's just vastly gritty and overly realistic whilst somehow being true to the subject matter. And with Pokémon, that's pretty impressive.


  3. sniffits says:

    The voltorb car bomb had me rolling. I know you never got pokemon, Bob, but I was young enough to be sucked into it. That trailer was one of the badmazingest things I've ever seen. In fact, the only thing that could be better would be a pokemon special anime.

    Actually, that might be something you'd be interested in. Pokemon special was a semi-professional manga put out with a different take on the pokemon universe. It's a little more grown up and serious but still full of fantasy and whimsy. Basically, the fights have weight, people can get hurt or die and so can pokemon, and there is more to the villains than just being bad. There's also an overarching plot, rather than an episode by episode, gotta catch em all theme. It's a very enjoyable series to read. If you get the chance, I highly recommend reading it. It might give you an idea of what made pokemon so awesome for my generation.


  4. Kyle says:

    I've never been a big pokemon guy. My only real exposure being in the Super Smash Bros games. Still, that Jigglypuff was so well done it kinda gave me chills.



  5. Thiago Menescal says:

    Where can I display suggestions for new episodes of GOT? I'd like to see your impressions/hopes/fears about Mega Man Universe. In a nutshell, this game is quite creative however people are bashing it left and right because of graphics. So it's ok for a retro game to use 8-bit like tecnology but not ok for a new Ip to use a slighty better one for some interesting and fun?

    Not only that but it's farly common for fans to cry for originality just for when they get it they became cinical and nonbelievers.

    In regards of this post, I long fear fan-man Live Action movies (or for matter of fact even the ones made by their companies) and this one is no excuse. They missed the point about Pokémon by a longshot. You can even focus on the evilness of Team Rocket but to a extent that justify Apocalypse? That's just bananas.


  6. Marsailis says:

    Speaking of grim and gritty shit fests (movies that Bob never shuts the fuck up about, TDK for example), I still recommend A Serbian Film for you MovieBob, or are you too much of a hypocrite neckbeard to indulge.


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