Brave and Bold, indeed

Oh, look, a video-game trailer…

I haven’t been able to gauge what the general “fan-culture” reaction has been to “Batman: The Brave & The Bold” – currently wrapping up it’s final season on Cartoon Network – but I dig it, and apparently it’s big with the kids (as it ought to be.) If you haven’t seen, the basic idea is HUGE helpings of Silver Age DC fan-service disguised as humorous, “all-ages” Batman cartoon. I won’t say it’s up to snuff with “Batman: The Animated Series,” but the best of it ranks up there with the one-off “funny” episodes of “Justice League Unlimited” – think “This Little Piggy,” same basic idea.
In a more general sense, think a more cleverly-scripted cousin to the Adam West “Batman,” co-starring a big cross-section of DCU supporting-players and with a heavier emphasis on “get it past the censors” jokes for parents/older-audiences – for example, pay really close attention to the lyrics in this musical bit as the Birds of Prey rate the… “effectiveness” of their various male counterparts:

Unsurprisingly, you can thank Gail Simone [pause for fangirl squeal] for that one (which may or may not have aired in the U.S. yet)

Anyway, the GAME (Wii) is excellent, absolutely worth a buy (I’m told the DS version is good as well.) It’s a side-scrolling 2D beat-em-up. The controls take a little getting used to, as it’s built around a pretty deep combo-system for a kid-targeted Wii title, but overall pretty smooth once you get into it and looks like it’d be a lot of fun with two people. Developer was Wayforward Technologies, who’ve carved a niche for themselves as experts of retro-style side-scrollers with “Contra 4” and “A Boy & His Blob.” Licensed youth-titles on the Wii are usually a red-flag for shovelware, but retrogamers and/or Silver Age superhero fans should absolutely give it a look.

3 thoughts on “Brave and Bold, indeed

  1. MontHenryKnitly says:

    Wow, I thought the show was pretty good too, but I didn't stay watching for…”'When his arrows are going straight.' 'hey!'” Also I did hear the game wasn't bad, but now that even you mention it as good, I think I'll take a look!
    “Sometimes, he's just a little too fast…”


  2. akkuma420 says:

    First I'm gonna start off saying that this game looks fantastic, and voice acting is spot on with the show, there was alot quality control and time put into this game, its quite obvious at first glance……. BUT……
    Its just a damn shame they didn't incorporate the classic controller into the the mix.
    I understand they wanna utilize the wii to it's fullest potential and all, but I have never been a fan of the motion controller and because of this, it really makes this game a flop for me personally.
    Just couldn't get behind the controls on this one.
    It's just too bad, cause this could have been another great classic Nintendo beat em up….. instead we get forced motion controls with a classic Nintendo formula.
    I do recommend people check this game out if your a fan of the show, and the wii mote because you wont be disappointed.


  3. Ezenwa says:

    I'm really leaning towards getting this game since I really enjoyed “A Boy and his Blob”. It was fun-filled, challenging, a little janky, but still pretty solid. I also love me a good, old-fashioned, side-scrolling beat-em-up. I think I will wait for it as a gift, or when the price drops just a little, to maybe $20. Sadly, I've never seen the show, but I'm sure this will do a good job either getting me up to speed or covering the general gist. Another solid game: Ivy the Kiwi? Both this and Batman: TBATB are solid Wii or DS titles.


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