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By now we’ve all seen the trailers for “Skyline” – a low(er) budget scifi job due out in November from FX pros The Strause Brothers. Thus far, the “tease” has been that it’s a more narrowly-focused, harder-edged “Independence Day” with funkier-looking alien spaceships that vaccum people up rather than incinerate cities. Solid pitch, to be sure, but it needed a little something else to really “pop” for me.

And so, as if on cue – a bigger, more-revealing “Skyline” trailer with one reveal in particular that sounds an awful lot like “pop.” Take a look:

The Alien Invaders are… GIANT MONSTERS. Or, at least, they brought some with them. But the important thing is… GIANT. FUCKING. MONSTERS.


8 thoughts on “that’s more like it

  1. Chris Cesarano says:

    That's it, I'm on board.

    I was not very interested in that first trailer, to be honest, and was ready to be “meh”. But giant monsters? God YES! Cloverfield, this, and a Godzilla reboot that looks to be proper?

    God I hope we're seeing a revival of the Kaiju genre (no, we probably aren't, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts).

    Though I dunno if I can take Turk as a serious actor. Every scene I see with him I'll just hear “You mean why is there silverware in the pancake drawer?”


  2. Herr Wozzeck says:

    Eh, I'm not so interested in the giant monsters as I am the people being airlifted by nothing but psychic powers. (Apparently.)

    Either way, I'm not expecting too much out of this, given that this is brought to you by the guys who brought you such things as Aliens Vs. Predator.

    Yeah. I'll let that speak for itself.


  3. Dav3 says:

    @Herr Wozzeck-
    yeah, I thought that name looked familiar.

    It wasn't even the first AVP that they made, they made AVP:R

    Now, according to Netflix, I've seen more than 1500 movies, and AVP:R is one of about 3 that actually made me violently angry at how bad it was.

    3 out of 1500

    That puts it in the bottom 0.2% on my all-time list.

    So no, no matter how frickin' awesome this trailer looks, (and I will admit it does) I won't be seeing another movie directed by the Strause brothers anytime soon, thank you.


  4. Thomas says:

    Apparently, (keep in mind this is from Wikipedia), the giant monster in question is a biomechanical entity the aliens use to hunt down anyone who escapes from their giant people vacuums.


  5. sniffits says:

    Keeping this one on my radar. The one movie I am getting every last person I know to see on opening night (doing my part for genre movies) is Tron: Legacy. I can't wait!

    Still, same boat as you, Bob. Giant monster invaders? SOLD


  6. Skandirza says:

    Am I the only one fucking annoyed by the fact that they managed to put out a second trailer which AGAIN has clipping sound? I get it, they are visual FX guys, they don't know sound. Jeez, how hard is it to put a limiter on your master channel?


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