Chris Evans as Captain America (updated!)

Your “Impressiveness Of Entertainment Weekly Cover Debut” Scorecard, thus far:
Avengers: 1 Green Lantern Corps: 0

That’ll do just fine, thanks. was johnny on-the-spot with scans, check them out. Good shot of Hugo as a not-yet-monsterfaced (or are they doing the mask thing?) Red Skull, but the big “squee!” will be for a strikingly-iconic-looking (it could be a poster on it’s own) rear shot featuring the Mark I “triangle shield.”

This is really happening.


One more thing: I swear to any gods who’ll hear me that if the fucking Teabaggers start tainting this by dressing up as Cap at their douchebag rallies… it’s ON.

11 thoughts on “Chris Evans as Captain America (updated!)

  1. Alexander says:

    Okay…so as a rule I don't give a crap about what Marvel does, but I have to give them kudos for this costume. They've done a really great job of turning a design that looks good in comics but wouldn't translate to live action to one that just plain looks good, without messing with it enough to piss off fans. That's high art.

    Still don't see what the problem is with the Green Lantern one, though. 😛


  2. RarestRX says:


    Again, you're showing your obsession with Conservatives dipping their balls in your mouth.

    It's kinda unseemly.

    But, if it'll make you happy, I'll post here on November 3rd.

    Make sure you do your jaw stretching exercises beforehand, mmmkay?


  3. Alex says:

    Oh come on, you wouldn't even find it a little funny that they would be showing up to their rally dressed as one of the most liberally-minded heroes in the Marvel Universe? And that they'd be completely sincere about it?


  4. Bob says:

    Not to start anything, but…

    Given that Chris Evans, whatever else he may be, has starred in several successful, high-profile feature films while Fillion is primarily a television actor who's two main film credits are for underperforming, little-seen cult items; well… shouldn't that be reversed?


  5. Arty O says:

    I like the look of this costume. The Marvel Fanboy in me is jumping up and down and screeming like a school girl from the fifties about to see Elvis.

    Speaking of comics Bob. Have you ever considered doing a Gameoverthinger-like rant about comic books? You do an awful amount of posts about comics, and you do seem to know your stuff?
    I know I would love it if you did


  6. Alexander says:

    Do you think this film is going to have a cynical streak? I mean its a guy called Captain America for gods sake. I know he's an established superhero in the states but not abroad really.I'm just thinking of the international trailer of how they will mark it to a (admittidley decreasingly) hostile world, though we might have to see how these elections go. I think they should be able to justify it within the film, you know relic from the past, when nationalism was still seen as a very good thing, and if evans does his kind of rogueish charm bit, maybe that'll smooth things over. But i still have to say these photos look awesome


  7. Dave Kraft says:

    I have to be honest with you, Bob, you're letting your Marvel fandom cloud your better judgment.

    This is pretty fucking bad. I could innumerate all the reasons as to why, but it seriously is horrible.

    And I expect this film to be AS bad – if not worse than – Green Lantern.

    At the very least they could've given him a blonde dye job, but he's still too shrimpy for the role. The costume looks very similar to Ultimate Vindicator (sans the orange globes on the shoulders) and it looks like he's wearing a padded version of that robo-Batman armor from Begins/TDK you hate so much (hypocrisy much?) to make up for his small stature.

    What happened to the Super Soldier serum being more-or-less a steroid? I know it's not the case in the story but the suit's design and Evans' small frame just scream “like Vindicator, I need the suit to give me my powers because I'm too frail otherwise”.

    Captain America's whole origin story has been ignorant of its own historical context since his debut in '41 and surprisingly has never been updated to any significant degree. To read comments online about how this outfit is WWII appropriate makes me feel ashamed these people – who are in turn ignorant of their own history – are fellow Americans.

    Much like your Iron Man 2 review (a film that was sheer garbage), I feel like you're kissing Marvel ass because you're a fanboy and you will like whatever they put out regardless of how much it sucks (until a few years down the line when you're ready to bitch about it). Remember how much you praised the Wolverine movie on looks alone, only for it to royally suck once it hit theaters? Yeah, I would've hoped you learned something from that experience. Apparently not.

    I do, however, commend Marvel on being able to cross-market its properties, unlike DC (who use Geoff Johns as a figure-head for marketing everything regardless of how bad it is (points out the White Lantern reference in “The Dark Knight Rises”, and points to David Finch's White Lantern Batman painting), and who aren't doing a movie continuity because of what can be summed up as poor marketing practices. From the company side of things, Marvel's looking pretty good to work for (checks to see if the SDCC '11 is on my convention schedule for next year).


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