Humble Suggestion

Yes, fan posters suck, and this is probably a good indicator of why I’m not a graphic-designer. Still, if I was working in Marvel Studios’ marketing department and they said “we need teaser posters for Captain America NOW!,” this is probably what I’d be handing in.

(mostly built off the one pic from the EW set that I earlier thought “could be a poster on its own”)

3 thoughts on “Humble Suggestion

  1. Curtis says:

    I'm a graphic design major and I actually got to design a poster for the Captain America movie in my Advertising Design class last semester, of course we had like zero pictures to work with at the time so mine largely consisted of a vectorized image of the round shield and the tag-line “CAP IS BACK”

    As for yours this is pretty good, the text is a little blurry but the concept is strong


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