Return of Meat

Vegetarian diet ended around 2am this morning, officially, with a celebratory chicken sammich. Yes, I know that’s technically one day BEFORE it would’ve been the end of October, but I’m not eating rabbit food all Halloween weekend (the food vendors in Salem are NOT serving tofurkey) especially when one of the big events involves a big wedding.

Finally tally: three weeks, five pounds – the exact same amount I generally lose on Slimfast for the same amount of time. Yeah… definitely not worth the effort; other than having learned a few new ways to prepare salad.

I’m off to Five Guys now, to reintroduce red meat in style. When the weekend is over, I’m planning on trying November (save, obviously, for Thanksgiving) piscatarian – which apparently means no meat but fish, which sounds more sane.

9 thoughts on “Return of Meat

  1. Darren says:

    Dear Moviebob I don't want to seem like I am going off topic, even though I am, but I am just curious to get your thoughts on this guy's reply.

    It is a counter argument against your Heaven's to Metroid.


  2. jpooh says:

    Movie Bob, my son told me about your vegetarian diet; I have some links you should check out if you think such a diet is good for you. One of them is my blog, although the comments are closed while I take a temporary blogging hiatus.

    The Fat Head blog is particularly good; he currently has posted the video of a lecture he gave on the extremely bad science behind low-fat diets. You should also read a book called Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes – a real eye-opener, that one.

    Btw, I've lost 30 pounds since June on a high fat, moderate protein, controlled carbohydrate diet – I cut out all grains, vegetable oils, soy and refined sugar; we also buy only pastured and grassfed meat and eggs. I went from borderline high blood pressure, borderline high cholesterol and borderline diabetic to a BP of 116/68, 169 cholesterol and perfectly maintained blood sugar.

    My word verification is “kismet” – I shit you not. I don't believe in it, but it's an interesting coincidence.


  3. Popcorn Dave says:

    Hi Bob, I'm sorry in advance if this sounds harsh. I guess it's like one of your Game Overthinker “Hard Truth” segments. Take it as seriously – or not – as you like.

    So the day the diet is done – the day before, in fact – you run off to a burger joint and stuff yourself silly! Are you really, honestly trying to lose weight here, Bob? Or are you just being one of those self-pitying types who shrugs “I've TRIED being healthy, I REALLY have!” while chowing down on bacon and chips because “diets don't work for me”?

    That may sound a bit presumptuous, but from the last few posts you've made about your vegetarian diet it seems like you haven't thought about this stuff that much, and that you don't really have an interest in living healthily. You seem to be doing the classic thing of looking for a “cheat” diet that you can pick up for a couple of months and magic the pounds away. Munching on nachos, substitute meats, eating one solid meal a day, and – let's call it what it is – jumping between fad diets every month… these are basic mistakes that no-one serious about losing weight should be making! Temporary diets are pointless, because even if they work, you'll undo all that good work as soon as you go back to your “normal” food.

    Good luck with the piscatarian diet, but try and enjoy it this time! That's the trick to this stuff!


  4. Benfea says:

    Hey, if I wanted to lose weight (and I need to), I would work out and add healthy foods to my diet. Subtractive diets generally cause you to gain weight in the long run (at least according to research).

    Anyway, no one said a meat-eater has to have meat with every little meal. As far as I'm concerned, the true joy of being a meat-eater is that I can choose to eat their food on a whim, but they can't eat mine. So that's what I do. There's plenty of really tasty food out there that doesn't have a scrap of meat in it, but I can still have my bacon cheeseburgers when I want it, dammit!


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