"Green Lantern" looking… better

“Entertainment Tonight” has your first look at Ryan Reynolds in motion as Hal Jordan.

We’ll all get a better look when a REAL trailer is almost-surely in front of “Harry Potter,” but I took some screencaps for a (somewhat) closer inspection:

(See the clip and more after the jump)


Pretty sure that’s Kilowog at 00:26. Awesome.

First thing a lot of people are noticing: Either “Entertainment Weekly” got a really bad shot of him for the infamously poorly recieved “cover debut,” or there’s been some significant redesign since then because the CGI-suit costume looks A LOT better than it did previously: You can distinctly see the black (darker green?) arms and legs seperate from the green upper-torso, closer to the source material and more “superhero”-looking, and the “energy vein” thing doesn’t seem to be constant.

Otherwise… look, trailers are trailers and trailers are usually misleading in one way or another, but with that in mind I’m not loving the “tone” here – they’re obviously going for “Iron Man” re: featherweight macho flippancy, but this character and “world” – what with the galaxy-spanning scope, space-opera backstory, etc – would seem to call for something more in the vein of “Avatar”… y’know, something conveying a “you will be amazed” sense of cosmic-AWE. The brief glimpses we see of space, Oa, etc. would seem to suggest that, so hopefully that’s closer to what we get.

Worth noting: This is actually supposed to come out a month AFTER “Thor,” which means that the two most “out-there” superhero movies in a long time will be out within weeks of eachother, with “Captain America” a month later. This means that, at a certain point in the summer of 2011, I will be able to walk into a movie theater and choose from any one of THREE superheroes I never, ever would’ve expected anyone to make a movie out of.

6 thoughts on “"Green Lantern" looking… better

  1. Sssonic says:

    I remain cautiously hopeful for this movie, moreso now that my reservation to wait until the costume was seen in motion seems to have paid off. It really does look a lot better now than it did back when it debuted. I agree I'm leery of the tone right now too; I would sincerely hope for something in the vein of Geoff Johns' tenure on the “Green Lantern” comics for a movie, personally, and it almost never works out when one superhero movie tries to succeed by nakedly aping other superhero movies (“League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” leaps to mind IMMEDIATELY) so the choice to clearly try and tap the “Iron Man” vein is one to beware.


  2. Dave says:

    This is exact;y why I was fond of the CGI suit in the first place. It makes perfect sense that it not be a physical object and spandex looks stupid. Oh and also it allows them to cheaply change the look of said suit based on feedback…or exactly this situation.

    I'm really digging the look of the suit. IN the cartoons and comics it always bugged me that a thing designed to create green hardlight constructs was able to somehow create black and white fiber. This suit does away with that entirely. Also, look at that first pic and tell me that doesn't look like an action figure.

    A good movie costume should follow the SPIRIT of the comic costume while recognizing that images designed for 2D space on body types that don't exist in 3d often look incredibly stupid.

    I just wish this meant we won't be getting the godawful superundies in the snyder film. but of course people will bitch about even the tinest change in super man and I'll have to wait another to years….

    Still nto sol on RR as Hal Jordan. Kyle Rayner, yes. Wally west even. But hal jordan calls for a more square jawed yesterman kind of deal.


  3. Nick says:

    I'd hoped from the beginning that they would ditch the spandex and have the costume be a real spaceman-ish outgrowing of the ring, but like Bob, I was really disappointed at the design they settled on. And, like Bob, this almost gives me more hope.


  4. Elessar says:

    I think “One of the most beloved superhero franchises of all time” is being a little loose with the facts.

    But it does look better than it did on that magazine cover. Maybe it's cuz it's from farther away (and poorer quality) or maybe it's a “it looks better in motion” thing.

    Oh well, wait for the movie to find out.


  5. Timothy says:

    Hate to say it, Bob, but your guess was wrong. There is no Green Lantern trailer on the start of HP7.

    Today I made-up our print for Harry Potter (I work as a projectionist). It is with a hung head I can confirm there was no Green Lantern trailer on the start of it. Don't hold out hope for anything good either, as it had a new trailer for Yogi Bear hardlocked on the front of it.



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