Wait… Disney is doing a new “Winnie The Pooh?” In traditional hand-drawn 2D? As a proper follow-up to – and in the same style as – “Many Adventures?”

How am I only learning this NOW!? Um… I mean, that is to say… “Oh. Interesting. I have vauge memories of having enjoyed that, as a lad…”

That’s Peter Cullen returning as Eeyore, BTW, and Craig Ferguson as the new Owl. Tom Kenny (not heard) is the new Rabbit. Apparently, Disney is so confident in this they’re opening it against the 2nd part of “Deathly Hallows” this coming Summer.

EDIT: I am informed that that’s not Cullen as Eeyore, but rather Pixar animator/voice-actor Bud Luckey, a legendary figure to animation buffs for his 1970s “Sesame Street” shorts and the movie adaptation of Russell Hoban’s “The Mouse & His Child.”

14 thoughts on “WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!!??

  1. Sofie Liv Pedersen says:

    Okay wauw.
    I mean, the fact that they are making a new Winnie The poh movie is really not that surprising, it is one of their most popular brands, and so far every cinema released Winnie the poh sequel have earned a good deal of money, but I appreciate the afford on style!

    However.. I don't see how Winnie and Harry Potter is any competition to each other, most potter fan is now at least over 18 (I am 20 and Harry potter is my childhood!) children is simply not that into harry potter any more, the first movie happened ten years ago after all,and the book even longer, the later books are not children's books so Parents are not to happy to read that out loud for the kiddos. and it is parents with small children who will mostly go in an see Poh.


  2. Popcorn Dave says:

    Um, where have you been indeed? The last Pooh movie (Pooh's Heffalump Movie) was only five years ago and was also done in 2D with watercolour backgrounds, and was also pitched as a direct followup to the 1960s Pooh. I didn't watch it, but I watched a bit of the Tigger and Piglet movies over Christmas and they're surprisingly close to the original shorts in terms of style. I don't think this will be so different, even if they are using the original storylines this time. I suspect they're just pitching it as a reboot because “Heffalump” tanked and nostalgia is “in” right now.


  3. a.k.a.A.M.V.P says:

    Looks interesting, though the absence of Rabbit (at least a speaking role) kind of bothers me. And as awesome as I think Craig Ferguson is, I'm not completely sold on his Owl. Also hoping that big honeypot scene doesn't take up too much time, just looks rather silly to me. At least it seems they got Eeyore right, and really, the fact that I'm discussing this movie at all at my age at least indicates I'm interested in it (though I'm not sure if I'll catch it in theaters).

    Most of my memories of Winnie the Pooh come from the animated tv show that used to air on Disney, which I actually recall being really good. Didn't see much of the most recent films (might have caught a bit of the Piglet movie), but its nice to know the franchise is still alive.


  4. Smashmatt202 says:

    Wow, THIS is a shocker? I was just thinking last night if you knew about this… But you're just finding out about this now? This has been floating around since this previous summer, although the trailer you showed was just released this previous Thursday.

    I just recently found out that Eeyore was Bud Luckey, aka Chuckles the Clown from Toy Story 3. I love it!


  5. Smashmatt202 says:

    It's funny, I was just talking with a friend of my mom (they were in my room because they had to use my computer/printer) about how Jim Cummings does a near-perfect job at imitating Sterling Holloway's voice! It's so brilliant! I can't really say the same for his Tigger voice. Paul Winchell was so perfect at Tigger, but he does his best.


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