kickass. literally.

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Something you should know about me: I am totally lacking any ability to be objective at the prospect of things that should only exist in fiction happening in otherwise-miserable reality. If someone cloned a T-Rex tommorow and it went on a violent rampage somewhere tomorrow, providing it didn’t hurt anyone/anything I directly care about I would probably be watching every scrap of footage of the event with the world’s biggest smile plastered across my face on a near-constant loop for at least a MONTH before it ever occured to me that this was actually a tragic, terrible event. Y’know those military-grade armed-robot videos that scare the piss out of everyone? I get giddy over that shit, because it means I’m one step closer to a Terminator. Or Johnny Five, either one works.

With that in mind…

I am aware that this is incredibly dangerous, and that this guy (and the many, many others like him) is probably mentally ill and that eventually one of them is going to do get seriously injured/killed (or seriously injure/kill someone else) and it’s not going to be “fun” anymore…

…I just find it hard to care when I’m watching this as an actual news-report on CNN. Awesome. The “lair” in the back of the comic-book store completes it.

17 thoughts on “kickass. literally.

  1. akkuma420 says:

    Somebody has been watching way to many movies I think.

    Next week on CNN “Dumbass in stupid suit gets stabbed multiple times trying to stop drug deal”

    This is a “nice” idea and all, but some people just need to get real.


  2. Scott Glasgow says:

    actually, strangely enough it's the news report itself that bothers me.
    For true vigilantism to work properly, like in the comics, they HAVE to work from secrecy. Hiding your identity is important. I'd be a hell of a lot more impressed if we started seeing news reports of hogtied gang leaders, and drug dealers dropped off for the police with evidence intact. 'showing' your hideout and talking about your costume is just showing off, and it's really going to get them hurt if they're as serious as they want to make them out to be.


  3. Willingdruid says:

    This is just sad.
    One must be very desperate for complete and utter escapism if they fantasize about being some kind of Ãœbermensch that sports homoerotic tights…

    And then they go out and enact that fantasy.



  4. The Karligarchy says:

    Yes this is real. Being a Seattle transplant from New Orleans I can say 1.) This is real 2.) This can only work in certain places like Seattle. Will result in immediate murder in places like New Orleans. In fact, there are probably a lot of people now that would like the cred for fucking this dude up.

    Vigilante justice is not really protected by the law. If anyone has ever wanted to legally murder someone, goading this person into a confrontation is the way to do it.


  5. Adam says:

    As another Seattle transplant I concur. As strange as it is a certain times of day in certain areas a guy can walk around like this and no one will look more than twice.


  6. vlademir1 says:

    @The Karligarchy re: “Vigilante justice is not really protected by the law. If anyone has ever wanted to legally murder someone, goading this person into a confrontation is the way to do it.”

    That's a very dependent concept. In certain, very limited, circumstances an individual can be protected under the law while acting to prevent a crime in progress. Making a career of doing so… not so much.


  7. Samuel James Newsome says:

    You guys know this dude isn't trying to be real life Batman or the Punisher, right? He and the other real life super heroes are honestly pretty cool because they're not murdering people or doing vigilante investigations; they're basically like the night watch combined with the salvation army (most of these dudes do community service type stuff) just wearing cooler costumes. That's why he's got things like a tazer and pepper spray rather than shurikens. Yes it's still dangerous, but it's significantly less dangerous than police work.


  8. CraftyAndy says:

    I say go for it. Why not, If I were him though I would of stayed far away from news camera and be extremely secretive. and to those who think this is sad, he's mentally ill, fuck you. What would have him do work at his comic store the rest of his life? What's he gonna do eat at wendy's and watch football until the end of time? Play with your prick for another fifty years?
    Life is boring at least he's doing something interesting with himself instead of joining the general population. I want to see this become a world wide phenomenon, we got easy enough for ourselves do something!


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