I have no strong opinion about this image

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to try being less unkind to the ill-advised “Spider-Man” reboot – for example, I resolve not to revive the “Spiderlight” nickname until there’s solid proof that it’s still going that route. With that in mind, here are some snaps from JustJared of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in (civilian) costume as the new Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy…

…and I have no real issue with what I’m seeing. I don’t care that he’s not wearing glasses or other outward “Puny Parker” signifiers – modern update, fashion shifts, etc. I find nothing especially elevating or depressing about this image – it’s a nonentity, and says nothing out of context other than that Garfield is simply not passing for a highschooler here and, let’s face it, neither did Tobey Maguire.

In fact, I only bring it up because according to The Internet I’m supposed to be INFURIATED at his fingerless gloves as a sign that they’ve made him into a “hipster” – at this point the most meaningless “insult” in the popular culture.

So… yeah. HEADLINE: MovieBob has no issue with Spider-Man’s choice in gloves, I guess…

15 thoughts on “I have no strong opinion about this image

  1. 9jack9 says:

    Good thinking Moviebob. Four paragraphs of text informing people you have no feelings either way about something will certainly counter claims about your rampant ego. 😛


  2. Q says:

    You know I have a theory about why people hate hipsters or, more importantly, who hates hipsters and why.

    Now hipster could refer to one of two things: an ultra-ironic sense of life, bordering on the outright pretentious OR a fashion sense that dates back to the ultra ironic fashion of 90's (ie. Tim Burton, Hot Topic).

    Now the former is almost impossible to tell just by looking at someone but latter isn't. 90's fashion or more importantly 90's mentality. Now who hates the 90's the most?

    80's kids! or at least people hold the 80's with any type of warm nostalgia. You see 80's style is so diametrically opposed 90's ironic-isms because part of 90's ironic-ism was created to specifically go against 80's America.

    What you have an ultra muscle man, Arnold? Well, we gave sunglasses to Keanu Reeves, instant action movie.

    What you have a colorful crime fighting team of mutants? Yeah well, we put them all in leather, instant superhero movie.

    What you have an ultra-conservative ready to go toe-to-toe with the Russians? Well, our president got laid, instant role model.

    I would call fair if it wasn't for the fact that I just sat through a year of 80's nostalgic films and they all SUCKED.


  3. Ben says:

    I don't know the last time you set foot in a high school, Bob, but I'd wager it was more recent for me than it was for you, and I can confirm that he appears to be completely pulling off high schooler.


  4. Popcorn Dave says:

    Bleh, I didn't even know those stupid gloves were in fashion. I don't care what he wears per se, but I hope they don't reinvent him as some fashion victim who wears trendy accessories because they're “in season”. Presumably he's wearing them to cover up the mechanical web shooters.


  5. Adam says:

    Nah. The gloves are fine. I have relatives who just got out of high school and they dress almost exactly like that. So even if it ends up not being completely believable at least they're trying.

    Hipsters do suck though.


  6. Axle says:

    Wait… fingerless gloves are linked to hipsters? Well fuck that. If anything I'd associate them with old school punk rock or heavy metal.. or something. Fingerless gloves are cool dammit!


  7. sniffits says:

    Gee, I wear them when it's cold but I still want to do things with my hands. Silly me :\

    Also, yea, he does look like a high shcooler, and hipsters are only irritating when they act pretentious, like everyone else who takes themselves to seriously 😉


  8. Yancey says:

    people hate hipsters because they tend to be very pretentious, elitist and very apathetic about the world as a whole, to the point of callousness. The reason some clothing is connected with hipsters is because many hipsters specifically buy worn out, thrift store clothing, not because it's affordable or because they found clothing they genuinely like as a bargain price, but because they think it makes them look “Bohemian”.

    Clothes do not make a hipster. The way a person ACTS makes them a hipster.


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