Escape to the Movies: "MovieBob Awards"
Because nothing came out this week.

“Intermission” is depressing this week.

21 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "MovieBob Awards"

  1. LetTheRightOneIn says:

    Hi Bob, I am always following your work on the Escapist and seldom are the moments I disagree with you. Your opinion here on “Skyline” Is something I disagree with. I'm not trying to make you rethink your opinion but may I point out that you say it is bad without saying why. Sorry for criticizing. Also, why haven't you reveiwed “Let Me In”?


  2. Lucas Neumann says:

    Er… I don't agree with the whole Iron Man trailer stuff you did. I can see you are pumped for the avengers movie (and I can't see why, the avenger were always the poor man's justice League) I think you are stretching it to make avenger even more “epic”, Iron Man II is a movie that serves it's own purpose.

    About the best character? Really? are you trying to be funny, or smarter seeing a “great character” in an unlikely place, I, I don't get it. Does someone care for the pool cleaning robot? Why didn't you just picked Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim? I dunno.

    Best monster that thing from Splice… I guess. Wasn't that a good year for monsters, but that movie underrated? no freaking way. It's a mediocre piece with good moments, that's all. Come on Bob, every time you get the chance to mention this movie you find your way to kiss up to it, could it be that's because you got to inteverview the director? come on Bob, don't pull a Harry Knowles prasing 1998 Godzilla on us, will ya?

    And the big disappointment was a big disappointment, I'm sorry. Famous one-liners come with good movies, and Warriors Way sucked, with or without the “ninjas damn” bit. What the hell man? You said yourself that 2010 was filled with crappy movies, you pick the one that wasn't going to be that good anyway just because you didn't get a stupid one-line? No one was hyping this anyway, just you I guess

    Could have done much better Bob.


  3. Psyckid008 says:

    “Commercial/artistic mega-successes like The Dark Knight happen only once in a blue moon.”

    They kind of happen with every Pixar film and Inception. It's not as rare as you think. You're judging the next Batman before we know anything about it at all.


  4. Dave Kraft says:

    @Bob: I agree that Iron Man 2 warranted the subtitle “The Extended Trailer” but that……. isn't actually something that worked in its favor. If anything, it led to some really shitty directing and editing in the film *vigorously points to the scene where footage was sped up in the trailer* Scenes like the Black Widow fight scene and Whiplash walking up and down a flight of stairs were so horrifically edited with the speeding up of the footage trailer-style that playing yakety sax in the background would've been more appropriate than the actual score. It wasn't an intentional creative choice to make it like a trailer, either; it was the product of budgetary limitations which also caused Favreau to cut out some of the most critical scenes of the film concerning his character (Happy Hogan, incidentally, was the most convincing character in the entire damn film).

    Also, stop being a child with your incessant bitching about Gareth Edwards. Neill Blomkamp worked on loads of shitty properties (much shittier than even Monsters) before directing District 9, which had a significantly higher budget with some of the dev staff from the same teams that worked on AVATAR. Blomkamp had loads of contributing companies and another writer helping him out. District 9's budget was $30 million, whereas Monsters' was a mere $500,000, with $15,000 of that for filming equipment alone. I didn't like Monsters, either, but I'm willing to admit that Edwards probably did the best with what he had to work with (or could afford, which might account for shitty staffing and the bad actors).

    This time around, Edwards – whose filming background is in documentaries – is being backed by Legendary Pictures, and unlike his indy film Monsters (which he wrote all by himself without any help and without adapting a short film into a feature-length flick, unlike with Blomkamp and District 9), he's working on a MAJOR nerd property (fun fact: Godzilla is more popular and profitable amongst fans in the US than in Japan, in spite of its Japanese roots).

    I, at least, remain objective enough to restrain my judgment until I see the film, as I'm curious to see what he's capable of with a bigger producer (i.e. Legendary Pictures), a larger budget, better staffing and access to superior technical equipment.

    Oh, and he WROTE Monsters, too. He's NOT writing Godzilla. Or did you forget?

    Seriously, Bob, your bitching about Edwards is pretty damn childish. It's one thing to have a slant. It's another to be an unruly fanboy.


  5. Dave Kraft says:

    That being said, having seen some footage in IMAX 3D, I can say for certain that Green Lantern's CGI conversion is vomit-worthy nauseating. How do I know, and why do I say that? Is it a fan reaction to the costume? No, actually it's a MASSIVE uncanny valley-esque response to some really inhuman things that the CGI suit does to his body (namely his abdominal cavity when he breathes in and out, and a really bizarre, cross-eyed look produced by his mask). It was painful for me to look at….. and when I say “nauseating” and “vomit-worty,” I'm not saying that to be sardonic or mean; I immediately became nauseous and…. well, I don't think the guy sitting in front of me in the theater was particularly pleased when I lost my lunch all over him. That's not even a joke.

    I'm not one to give into motion sickness, either, but it was excruciating for me to watch his abdomen, shoulders and muscles move as though he has no internal organs or as though his arm muscles don't connect properly to their origin and insertion points (anatomically-speaking).

    The conversion itself is also problematic due to a shitty job they did in the layering process. I'll spare you all with the technical jargon but just know this:

    The CGI as you see it in the trailer? That's what you're getting. Every fanboy is saying that it's clearly not done and with 6 months left to go they have time to fix things. Fanboys don't seem to realize that compiling analog film (which involves adding the CGI bits to the live-action bits) and then converting it to digital (which is how they're doing it) takes a really long time, and then the director has to deal with the final parts of post-production, which takes even more time. THEN the producers have to deal with the mass-production and distribution of the reels to theaters, etc., both of which take EVEN MORE time.

    Point is, there isn't enough time to revamp the CGI between now and when the movie hits theaters, because if they did fix up the CGI, they'd have to go through the entire aforementioned process all over again. Bear in mind that simple CGI sequences can take several thousand man-hours for a few minutes of footage, and unlike animation in the olden-days, CGI for film isn't done by airplane hangars full of thousands of cheap, overseas laborers. Even the best of teams (e.g. ILM) are small enough that everyone knows everyone else.

    So what you all see in the trailer is what you're getting, as far as CGI is concerned.


  6. akkuma420 says:

    @The Partisan
    I'm guessing what he meant by “No movies came out this week” was “Nothing worth seeing came out this week”
    Nick Cage movies are a dime a dozen these days and all have been mediocre at best.
    No one cares anymore cause he is just whoring himself out to Hollywood.
    I can't even count how many movies he has done in the last 2-3 years alone.


  7. A Tribe Called Helloween says:

    At least you didn't have a dick up your ass about Expendables again. I swear, the next time you talk about that, in any of your videos, I'm going to the video store to not only buy three copies of it, I'm going to steal 3 copies of Scott Pilgrim and set them on fire.


  8. asdfasgd says:

    Are you seriously suggesting this was a bad year for film bob? Last year was a bad year for film. I can count the number of movies I will care about 2 years from now using about 3 fingers. This year I would need both hands. Black Swan, The Fighter, True Grit, Scott Pilgrim, Kick Ass, Inception, The Social Network, Let Me In, Defendor, Toy Story 3, The Kings Speech, Shutter Island etc etc.

    2009? Inglorious Basterds,District 9, Up… and maybe i guess kinda up in the air… Oh and 2009 also brought us the most annoyingly overrated and hyped movie in ages… Avatar.

    Yeah Bob I usually like what you have to say but the awards were uninspired (either be serious and actually do awards or make the funny joke awards, you know funny) and you are not just wrong when you say this was a bad year for film but horribly so.


  9. Dave Kraft says:

    @akkuma420 & Drew: Maybe if you two would've shown at the NYCC you would've seen previews for it and some of the other work I've done. You didn't, so all your snide remarks do is make you two sound like children with nothing better to do with your time than use the anonymity of the internet to pick fights with people for shits and giggles. Bob has said plenty about people like you two.

    Newsarama still hasn't posted all the interviews they did at the NYCC (including the artist alley interviews, none of which are up). When they're all up, mine will be uploaded with them.

    But, to answer your question more directly:

    I have an art book coming out this spring which will be released initially as a convention exclusive once my 2011 convention schedule kicks off. A second art book will be released for sale as a convention exclusive this fall. A hardcover, coffee-table size complete edition is slated for release in early 2012, and my comic book work is currently slated for publishing in Summer 2012 due to the publisher having to iron out issues with regard to changes in Diamond Distributors' business policies last year putting locks on money previously allocated to printing and advertising. The publisher has to pay off their other creators and expenses for previous projects before they can finance this one getting off the ground.

    This has happened with most publishers not named Marvel, DC or Dark Horse, and is one of the things leading to financial issues with major publishers like Devil's Due (who published the GI Joe comic until VERY recently). It is, in it of itself, not unusual, but other projects have been finished with this publisher first and those creators take priority.

    I can't really say much more about the project, as NDA (non-disclosure agreement) prevents me from talking about the book in any capacity until it hits solicitations. That's the way things work.

    All three books are done, though, which means that I have loads more time to work on other projects before I start doing more interviews in early 2012, assuming everything stays on schedule without further delay.

    I did some work for a non-comic property that is being released this December, and some of my work is being featured in “the art of” book. Other than that NDA prevents me from disclosing further involvement.

    However, while I can't talk about the projects directly, I have been given permission to show samples of my work at shows for promotional purposes, though I'm not allowed to leak anything online due to NDA. If you want to see my stuff, just come find me at a convention.

    Simple as that.


  10. Dave Kraft says:

    @Mariner: We don't know yet, but he's from the third and final Michael Bay Transformers flick. He is seen in the trailer. Some think it's Alpha Trion or Sentinel Prime, but until we get more information, that's just fan speculation for the time being.


  11. akkuma420 says:

    Pardon? How is “HA!” considered a snide remark?
    I have no idea what you are talking about, don't bother to read your comments anymore because they do end up being quite a read and somewhat boring in my personal opinion.
    Not trying to take a jab at you personally or anything, just don't enjoy your style or writing is all, it gets a little TOO informative IMO.
    I Just saw the length of your comment, skimmed over it, then saw the “Novel” comment and found it funny.
    I may be reacting to a snide remark that was aimed at you, but I made no snide remarks.
    Also… I know we have covered this before, but here we go… I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA… I CANT JUST DRIVE TO NY TO WATCH YOU AT A CONVENTION (supposedly) SO THAT YOU CAN FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF. Are we clear on all that now? no matter how many times you tell me that I should “just” come to NY (since it's so easy) ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN.
    Last but certainly not least… If your as highly regarded in the film industry as you claim to be… Shouldn't you have learned by now that not everyone in the world is gonna respond positively to everything you have to say…
    I mean seriously… If your gonna leave comments about you praising your self so highly in the industry, you should really learn how to take a little ridicule and let things go.
    Simple as that.


  12. Dave Kraft says:

    @akkuma420: Don't put words in my mouth. I never claimed to be “highly regarded in the film industry,” I just have a better understanding of the film, game and comic industries because I've worked for them.

    Your lack of reading comprehension skill amazes me, as does your minuscule attention span. Maybe if you bothered to read what I wrote instead of ridiculing me for it, you'd learn something useful. But no, instead you have to behave like the rest of the lowest common denominator.

    There's no such thing as too much knowledge. If it's difficult for you to read my posts, think of how I feel having to read your most recent post. Be glad I'm not taking this time to play grammar nazi…..

    … and if it's too difficult for you to read my post, I'm curious how many novels you've actually read….. maybe you should practice reading some of those a little bit more. No, instead we're locked in this, not because of anything I've written, but because you decided to instigate (and admittedly so). You didn't have to respond in that manner; you chose to do so, and did so again (if you don't think you weren't being pejorative with your repetition of my “simple as that” statement, there's a serious problem). These comment threads have trailed off-topic now and have become an argument between the two of us, which isn't fair to Bob. It could've been avoided had you not taken the time to be antagonistic for no good reason whatsoever.

    And for the record, there are conventions in California, you know….. maybe, instead of assuming you'd have to come all the way cross-country, you could look at some California-based convention websites and see if I'm attending a convention or a store signing anywhere near your location….. :/

    But yeah, I'm astounded at how you say you were and were not making a snide remark in the same breath….. Jesus, you can't even keep your story straight….. you may find me boring, but you're confusing as hell…..


  13. akkuma420 says:

    Your right… it is pretty disrespectful to go this far off topic on our own personal argument, so I will keep this as short as possible.(I'm also gonna try n wrap this up here)
    I appreciate you not being the “Grammar Nazi” you threatened you could be.
    Nothing more annoying than someone nit picking your spelling when they know damn well what your trying to say.
    Your also correct in saying that you can never have too much knowledge… thing is though, with you, it feels like im reading a user's manual, it's boring and would much rather just try and figure it out for myself.
    It's just my opinion though, not saying your a bad writer or anything.
    This is the first time you mentioned doing anything outside of NY, so I wasn't aware.
    Now that I know, I will most definitely keep a look out for your name.
    The End.


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