And Your New SUPERMAN Is…

Henry Cavill, late of “The Tudors.” So sez Deadline. A strapping, square-jawed Caucasian brunette? Who’d a’ thunk? Anyway, this marks Cavill’s first major franchise “get” after having previously been an also ran for the same part in “Superman Returns,” along with Batman and James Bond. Google’s got headshots galore kids, so… LET THE PHOTOSHOPPING BEGIN!!!

For those keeping track, the planned feature is a seperate entity from the Richard Donner/Bryan Singer/etc continuity; with a top-secret story by David Goyer, “overseen” by Christopher Nolan (“hey Chris, can the Superman guys borrow some of your fan-rage-proof armor?”) and directed by Zack Snyder. Of all of them, it’s Snyder’s involvement I’m most excited for – the guy jumps in with both feet, doesn’t know the meaning of “unfilmmable” and lacks the phobia of compositional-beauty that afflicts so many of his contemporaries. Plus, if it’s even 1/10th as good as “Watchmen” was… damn.

Trivia: This makes “Avengers” the only 2012 American superhero movie (out of 4) without a British actor feigning an American accent in the lead – Cavill, Christian Bale and Andrew Garfield are all Brits.

16 thoughts on “And Your New SUPERMAN Is…

  1. Arturo says:

    Damn I didn't know Cavill's been looking to hit it bigtime for so long. This could be it, so good for him.

    On a not-entirely unrelated note, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Sucker Punch.


  2. Daniel says:

    Really, I've been looking forward to this project since the beginning. I love the fact that Snyder is directing mainly because he seems to love comics just about as much as we do. Regardless of its flaws, 300 is still an incredibly faithful adaptation, capturing the spirit of the comic while at the same time making some necessary changes.

    Also; regarding the American heroes being portrayed by British actors. I really can't relate but I imagine it would be a bit odd although not bothersome. I know I being of Mexican descent, would be a bit confused (but again, not insulted) if they cast a non Mexican actor to play say… El Santo were he ever to appear in the big screen.


  3. Blue Highwind says:

    Am I the only one who liked Brandon Routh as Superman? If only the poor guy were given some room to breath instead of pointlessly copycatting Christopher Reeve, that performance might have been decent. (That was actually the problem with that whole movie.) “Scott Pilgrim” definitely proved that he IS Superman. Bring back Brandon!


  4. Steve's Annotated Bibliography says:

    The thing about Snyder is that he's a very faithful director, most of the time at least. If you didn't like 300 the movie, you probably didn't like the comic as well. Watchmen is a bit different considering the squid as well as a few minor scenes added/removed, but for the most part it was the most faithful Moore adaption. Definitely not the most faithful comic book movie (See Sin City), but it doesn't really matter. While I don't think the ending for Watchmen was the best, I can totally see, and even agree with why Snyder didn't use the squid.

    The best thing we can say about the reboot so far is, that if anything, it will be visually impressive. Snyder is an incredible visualist, and I'm hoping the new reboot shows it. As for the script and such, it's a bit harder to predict. This reboot won't have previous continuity to rely on, nor a true source material (Though I'd like to see him take parts from various issues), so it'll be interesting to see what Snyder does. If anything, Sucker Punch will give us a better indication on Snyder's writing skills. But then again, maybe it won't. After all, if Mark Millar could go and write the fantastic Red Son, but then produce the horribly-written Nemesis, then perhaps Snyder will work in the same vein as movies. I dunno, we'll have to wait and see.

    As for the casting, I'm all for it so far. That said, I'm more interested in how they'll redesign the costume.


  5. Psyckid008 says:

    First of all, Watchmen was just okay. But if Watchmen was a 10/10, and the new Superman is one tenth as good as Watchmen was then that would make the new Superman a 1/10. Choose your words wisely Bob.


  6. Bob says:

    The #1 reason I like Snyder for this is that he's evidenced a rare ability to respect material without being smothered by it.

    What a Superman movie needs more than anything, at this point, is someone in charge who can balance the desire not to “tarnish” the central icon with the need to cut loose and have fun with it – and I think that the guy who was able to look at the “unfilmmable” Watchmen and know when to be panel-to-screen faithful AND when to go in a radically-different direction (re: The Squid) could be the perfect fit.

    This has been the problem with every attempt at re-starting the Superman movies – either they're “inventive” to the point that they lose the character (Kevin Smith and JJ Abrams respective scripts) or they're so devoutly respectful they play more like well-preserved museum pieces (“Superman Returns.”) All I really want out of Snyder and Nolan is a Superman movie that does something totally new but is still recognizably Superman.


  7. Landstander says:

    This makes Henry Cavill very lucky he wasn't cast the last time around as Supe.

    Frankly, I'm not a fan of Nolan's Batman AT ALL and fear is Superman involvement.

    The only hope his participation gave me was maybe we would see Clint Eastwood as Batman in a movie version of Dark Knight Returns. (Heck, Michael Keaton is getting old enough to play the part now. That could be fun too.)

    How would THAT be for a DC crossover. Forget Marvel's theatrical continuity. I could go without an Avengers movie just to see DKR on film (and not suck).


  8. Joe says:


    No, I thought Routh was one of the best things in that movie. I didn't like that the script turned Superman into a creepy stalker, and overall I think trying to continue Donner's legacy was a mistake. I like the 1978 Superman and Donner's cut of Superman II, but they're really products of their time–Superman deserves a modern reboot. None of that is a commentary on Routh, who has been absolutely great in these smaller comedic roles like Scott Pilgrim and Zack & Miri Make a Porno. If they'd only let him bring some of that natural wit into Superman's persona.


  9. Pat says:

    Snyder is a great fit for Superman. 300 showed that he has a strong sense of style, Watchmen showed he has a strong passion for superheroes, and Legend of the Guardians showed that he can really make a flight scene kick ass (and while heroes other than Superman can fly, those heroes fly because they can; Superman flies because he's fucking Superman).

    I don't really care who Superman is as long as he's written well. I liked the Brandon Routh Superman, though I don't feel like he had a lot to say. My only objection with Superman Returns was Lois Lane. That was not Lois Lane. The Lois Lane from Smallville was a better interpretation for crying out loud.

    My concern is more who they will get to play Lex. And let's face it, the first movie HAS to be about Lex. It always is. They can't do a reboot without a new Lex. And I doubt they'll cast Kevin Spacey again, which makes me a little sad. Not sure who would be a good choice. Kevin Spacey was great because he's a guy who just sounds like the smartest guy in the room when he talks. He knows how to play a character that outsmarts his opponents. That kind of actor is hard to find.

    Or I guess they could do the Nolan Batman thing and save Lex for the next movie. Then they might try Brainiac instead. I'd be up for that. Brainiac can give Snyder's crew a chance to make some crazy shit. If they do Brainiac, my vote would be for Hugo Weaving. He does excellent voice work, he's played a machine at least twice (Agent Smith and Megatron), and he knows how to sound threatening without needing to yell. And he's worked with Snyder before (he did two voices in Legend of the Guardians), so it's entirely possible.


  10. Chris says:

    For the love of Jor-el, don't make Lex Luther the main villain. You wanna know why Superman 2 is everyones favorite and most memorable? It's because the story involved something other than Lex Luther and his cliche kryptonite. Out of the five Superman movies, Lex Luther has been the main villain in four of them (and yes I am counting #4 with Nuclear Man).

    No wonder everyone doesn't have faith in a reboot. We've seen four reboots of the same damn story. Move on.


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