So… how does Tom Hooper, formerly the director of the superlative “John Adams” miniseries, currently director of “The Kings Speech” – possibly the blandest, safest, most staid (increasingly-prospective) Oscar Juggernaut since… I dunno, “Out of Africa?”pull a “surprise” upset at the DGAs  for said overblown A&E special over the heavily-favored David Fincher?

Search me, but it’s a pretty unpleasant turn of events – yes, even for Hooper to some extent, who’s actually pretty talented (see: “John Adams”) and now gets to have a 21st Century “WTF” equivalent to “Driving Miss Daisy” hung on him. If I had to take a stab at it, the probable answer is that MOST of the Directors Guild is comprised of paycheck-to-paycheck “journeyman” TV guys, which is precisely what Hooper has been up to this point, so there’s a hometown-boy-makes-good angle.

The takeaway, of course, is that given this, the similar Producers Guild win and the fact that it’s a big-cast “actor’s film” you can pretty-much pencil-in “Speech” as this year’s Best Picture Oscar winner which is… simultaneously meaningless and blood-boiling, so… whatever.

6 thoughts on “demographics

  1. M says:

    Ooh geez, I usually agree with you or at the very least see your POV about a movie. But I saw the King's Speech on Friday and thought it was the very best movie I'd seen in a long time. Just gorgeously acted and directed. Every actor deserved his/her Oscar nod. If Firth doesn't win, it's a travesty. Likewise Rush. Even Bonham Carter made me forget for a couple hours that she's an absolute nutter (deliciously so… I love her). I thought I liked True Grit (or maybe a surprise from Toy Story) for the Oscar, but now I'm 100% behind King's Speech. — Miss


  2. Q says:

    I love how Bob's constantly searching for conspiracies. “They're old!” “They're TV Hacks!” “Nepotism!” “Back and to the Left!”

    Also, I know no one will care but I was a bit offended by that “Driving Miss Daisy” comment.


  3. Matthew says:

    I hope The Kings Speech wins best picture. The Social Network sucked, and so did everything else nominated except for True Grit. And yes, I've seen 7 out of the 10 nominations.


  4. Blue Highwind says:

    How about “Black Swan” win instead? How many horror films have won Best Picture? Answer: none. I'd love to see that upset. Or give it to “Toy Story 3”.

    And more importantly “The King's Speech” was just a plain old better and more entertaining movie than “The Social Network”. Funnier, better acted, ironically easier to relate too, and to the point.


  5. Will says:

    I don't understand any hatred for The Social Network. It deserves everything the King's Speech has gotten and then some.

    Also, I have seen King's Speech and it was an amazing film for me. I have dealt with my own personal speech impediment for my entire life. So, for me, King's Speech perfectly displayed what its like to have one and the pain I and everyone else who has a speech impediment has go through.

    However, for those of you who didn't have to deal with not being able to hardly operate in conversations throughout your teenage years and have now dealt with years of speech therapy, why any of you think King's Speech is so great bewilders me. If I remove my emotional connection, this film is borderline generic oscar movie. Now, its a very well done generic oscar film but nevertheless generic.

    I have my personal connection but, looking at it objectively, why any of you think its better then The Social Network will forever bewilder me.

    P.S. Saying Social Network “sucks” without any reason besides your ignorance doesn't count as an argument.


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