Adrianne Palicki is Wonder Woman

When details actually got confirmed about David E. Kelley’s “Girl Tony Stark: The Series” reimagining of “Wonder Woman,” the principal thing that stood out as a “maybe” for me was that it sounded like it was written with a decisively adult-aged (read: mid-30s or older) vision in mind for the lead character: Kelley’s Diana has apparently been living in “Man’s World” long enough to not only engage-in, break-off and be-wistful-about a relationship with Steve Trevor but also to establish herself jointly as a metahuman crimefighter and serve as CEO of a self-founded industrial corporation – all of which would seem to demand a certain amount of “gravitas” that age tends to add. Yes, Amazons are supposed to functionally-immortal, but visual-cues are visual-cues. Lisa Edelstein plays “House’s” boss while Olivia Wilde plays one of his minions for a reason. My train of thought was “Oh, they’re actually going for Wonder WOMAN as opposed to Wonder GIRL? I like that.” 

Well, first impressions be damned. They’ve made their choice, and the new Wonder Woman is Adrianne Palicki, age 28, late of “Supernatural,” and “Friday Night Lights.” Her highest-profile film appearance was in “Legion,” though some may recognize her as Holly Rocket in “Women in Trouble.” She’s also part of the Seth Green Cartoon Clique – doing voices for “Robot Chicken,” “Titan Maximum” and “Family Guy.” Not a bad actress, and you certainly can’t say she doesn’t meet certain basic “aesthetic” requirements: striking, statuesque, and it’d be uncharitable to describe her physique as anything less than “smokin'” – all the more reason to lament how unlikely they are to preserve the classic uniform.

Still… a little young-looking, I think. Not a deal-breaker, but I’m not getting “intimidation” here. Bad guys should be a bit “struck” by WW even before the “can throw a bus at you” aspect kicks-in, from where I sit.

4 thoughts on “Adrianne Palicki is Wonder Woman

  1. Robert says:

    I'm first?
    I would like to take this opportunity to say how annoying the ads are becoming, and also to say that this Palicki female is 100% woman, and 0% girlish looking.

    Not too young at all


  2. Joe says:

    A lot of her pics on the internet are from a few years ago. I've seen ones where she definitely looks more woman and less girl. But she's an athletic, 6 ft tall woman who evidently reads comics and does her own stunts, and can act. Sounds like a pretty good choice, who might even make this thing worth watching.


  3. Dave Kraft says:

    Kind of a butterface, needs to hit the gym. Lose the collagen. Face and physique are all wrong. Better choices were out there. Not impressed.

    Show premise has nothing to do with WW. Casting would've been more appropriate for a Kate Kane. The premise of the show, in fact, screams BATWOMAN.

    I don't see this lasting very long. Not longer than a season, possibly not even past the pilot.

    That's my opinion, and I'm entitled to it.


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