Amy Adams is Lois Lane

So says Hero Complex.

Unless director Zack Snyder suddenly decides to his literalist-translation leanings off for this one – i.e. the new “Superman” movie doesn’t look like a Superman comic beamed, unfiltered, from page to screen – it would seem Adams is carving out an interesting niche for herself as a living embodiment of female pop-mythology icons (re: The Disney Princess in “Enchanted,” the “Iconic” version of Emilia Earhart in “Night at the Museum 2,” now this.)

I’m given to point out that this is VERY good casting, ditto the earlier announcements of Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Johnathan and Martha Kent – though I anxiously await The Internet correcting me on that point given the irrefutable evidence that Zack Snyder is Satan because there wasn’t an octopus in “Watchmen” 😉

21 thoughts on “Amy Adams is Lois Lane

  1. Psyckid008 says:

    @Tim: Well… I'm certainly worried about Superman now that I've seen Sucker Punch. But I still think Zack Snyder is a good technical director. I think as long as he has Nolan smacking him in the back of the head and saying “No, you can't do that” it should turn out fine.


  2. Arturo says:

    I don't get the “literalist-translation” statement. Is that good or bad? Snyder claims his movie will respect the mythos of Superman, but will not be either an origin story or be in continuity with the previous films.


  3. ZAENGO says:

    if i ever meet anyone who thinks that zack snyder is not an awesome director (in real life, not on the internet) i will smack them with a grocery bag filled with rocks. fuck you tim, and fuck you phsykid, suckerpunch rocked.

    on the topic at hand, i could care less about amy adams. i was kinda hoping rosario dawson would get this role, as shes pretty much played this role before. whatever, if zacks doing it, im all for it. he knows what hes doing.


  4. Bob says:

    You know Zaengo, insulting Tim is understandable. He trolls every single blog post. But Psyckid008 was stating his opinion. If you honestly believe that anyone who doesn’t like one of your favorite directors is an idiot, then you need to seek some help or maybe just grow the fuck up.

    By the way, it really takes a special kind of stupid to misspell someone’s name when it’s displayed right there.


  5. Gamecase says:

    I'm on the fence about Snyder. I disliked 300 but I think that was more issues with the source material than anything else, and I was pleased with Watchmen. Maybe it wasn't the opus I was really hoping for, but when I tell people about my love for Watchmen I don't have to be embarressed if they have only seen the movie. What I'm really hoping for is that Snyder can teach Nolan something about shooting action.


  6. Dave says:


    I was wondering how long it would take before the requisite “lash out at the fans for daring to criticizee” showed up. And you even tried to frame disagreement about Snyder's merits as people being pissed at a largely inconsequential (if supremely stupid) part of an unrelated movie instead of the multitude of obvious flaws.

    Toss in some shots at Michael Bay and you've got an almost perfect distillation of the last year and change.

    Just so we are clear. Two upcoming superhero movies require an aged surrogate father figure to the main hero, who will impart key advice that will guide him in his heroism….and in your mind Martin sheen is the bad choice and Kevin Costner is the bad choice?

    Ah well, I guess I'm forgetting that Snyder Can Do No Wrong.


  7. Bob says:

    I just think I should clarify, I'm not MovieBob. My name is also Bob so that's why it appears that way on my comment.

    But I HATE this attitude of “If you disagree with my opinion then you are a scummy retard who's knows nothing about the subject at hand.: Psyckid008 even said he still thinks Snyder is a good technical director.


  8. Mathew Benness says:

    I for one am pretty damn excited about this movie, think the combination of Nolan real world grittiness and Snyder comic book fantasy is one hell of a one-two knockout punch for a Superman movie


  9. Vault Dweller says:

    meh, i wont get excited until the DC crossover stuff starts happening. no i am not talking about a justice league movie (god i don't want to see a Hollywood version of the wonder twins) i want CRISIS MOVIES and for that matter i want them to drop the “just out of diapers” hal jordan, and get someone with some gray on their temples to rip through the GL corps

    give me parallax or give me death!


  10. Bob says:

    (“real” MovieBob speaking here)


    I don't recall saying Sheen was a BAD choice, just an overly on-the-nose one: They hired him because his voice will sound good reading “the speech.” It's like if they made a new Ninja Turtles movie and cast Morgan Freeman as the voice of Master Splinter – instant clue that no one is thinking outside the box.

    Costner, on the other hand, hasn't really ever been cast as the “elder mentor” figure in this capacity, so that's at least interesting and potentially poignant given how strongly “young Costner” is associated with a rural/farm aesthetic.


  11. Rob says:

    Thinking of Amy Adams will make you think of Enchanted, I'm seriously curious how she will do Lois Lane. This is a character who is supposed to be the strong, independant woman, who has always been terribly translated to the screen. Nearly all have just been damsels in distress with a witty line here and there. With 1 exception, you can say a lot about Smallville, but that Lois Lane (portrayed by Erica Durance) was very well written and pretty decently performed.

    Offtopic: Bob, these blog-comments are hardly about film anymore. It's about regular readers who disagree with your opinion and wanting to prove you wrong everytime you post something because they were attracted earlier in posts or reviews and thought themselves “on the same level as you” and now feel superior because you like certain things they find beneath them (“Nolan can do no wrong”, “300 and Watchmen were awesome” etc).
    Kind of a Fox vs. MSNBC thing if you think about it :p
    Reasoned argument vs. Your posts are stupid!


  12. LK says:

    Squid. Giant space squid.
    I just don't think we need another Superman movie. It seems to hit too close to the instant reboot. I also don't trust Nolan.


  13. mortician says:

    More to the point, I think that Amy Adams is a talented performer who's absolutely suited to the character. This damning of an actor's performance sight-unseen, especially when that actor has proven herself in other properties, is just silly.

    As far as Costner, I'm just glad he'll be relegated to a minor roll (as the Kent's most likely will be, given this isn't an origin story). I think he's a perfectly adequate actor, but I'm not the biggest fan.

    If you're still on board when the release comes, then go see the movie. If the inclusion or exclusion of any one of a number of factors (Snyder, Nolan, Adams, Costner, Whatever) kills the movie for you, then don't go see it. Easy-peasy.


  14. Pat says:

    I will agree that Amy Adams is actually quite brilliant casting. Unlike the most recent Lois Lane in “Superman Returns”, I think Amy Adams can bring a lot of energy back into the role. Because that's what a good Lois Lane needs, when it comes down to it. A good Lois Lane doesn't sit around and wait for Superman to come and save her, even though she should know by now that he always does. A good Lois Lane jumps headlong into trouble, tries to fix it by herself, even though she probably shouldn't, nearly gets herself killed in the process, and it doesn't stop her from doing it again the next time. The Lois Lane in “Superman Returns” tiptoed into trouble, then sat quietly and became intimidated by the bald man just because she brought her kid along as well. She was passive.

    If Amy Adams is anything, she's active. She constantly demands attention and never sits around doing nothing. Her role in “Enchanted” is a particularly good example of a damsel in distress taking an active role and basically saving herself without feeling the need to make a loud “feminist” point of it.

    So yes, excellent casting. I have little reason to worry about this production, but I do anyway just because Superman productions have a history of going awry. I'll believe it when I see a teaser trailer.


  15. Philbo says:

    Hey not to be a bother but “Bob” (not moviebob) it is but the work of a few minutes to make a new account; please do this. It will stop people misinterpreting what you write as that of the site owner, and hopefully reduce the flame levels of an always rather volatile comments section.

    I'm sure you must agree, anytime the site owner has to come to their own comments section and type:

    (“real” MovieBob speaking here)

    It is not fair on comment readers and other posters.


  16. Dave Kraft says:

    I think all the actors are far too young. That was one of the big criticisms of Superman Returns as well. Superman was too young, small and shrimpy to play Superman. Kate Bosworth was too young to be playing a convincing mom, let alone Margot Kidder's Lois Lane in a redo of Superman 3.

    Now it seems Warner Bros. is just repeating the same mistake all over again with its movies, except to an even bigger extreme. For example, “Returns” at least had decent casting for Martha Kent. Diane Lane looks way too hot to be playing “Ma” Kent.

    So who was the guy who should've gotten the role as Superman? Well, that one's a no-brainer:

    I mean, holy crap, look at him NOW! The dude is JACKED. And if Newton were to be cast, the nerd-hype would be off the charts, because he played Superboy back in the '80s and it would be like Superboy all grown up

    And he can do the lines, too. He and his wife did the voices for THIS Superman animated flick:

    Yes, I know he's 45, but he happens to look like he's 30-something, and is the spitting image of the character.

    The shame is, after this Superman potentially bombs Warners is going to spend another 5 years trying to figure out what to do with the franchise on film, and by then it'll most definitely be far too late. He'll definitely be too old by then.


  17. Pat says:

    @Dave Kraft

    The reason that the age of the main actors was a problem in “Superman Returns” was because the characters were supposed to be older than the actors were capable of portraying. By being a slave to the Donner continuity and forcing the movie to focus on very heavy grown-up issues like parenthood, the young actors were out of their depth.

    But this reboot doesn't have that burden. This is a completely different universe with completely different problems. The only way having a young Superman and Lois Lane will be a problem is if they try to make them act like they're 40 again. If they act as young as they look, I don't see age being a problem like it was in “Superman Returns”.


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