How did I miss this?

Trailer for “Future X-Cops,” which doesn’t seem to be (officially) available on U.S. DVD yet. Evidently, Hong Kong has decided it’s time to start kicking our ass at superhero movies…

The director is Wong Jing, who also did an infamous unlicensed “Street Fighter” movie called “Future Cops” back in the 90s. Incredibly, the films seem to share the same basic plot AND star Andy Lau!

11 thoughts on “How did I miss this?

  1. Bob says:

    I usually agree with you Moviebob, but this doesn't look very good. It just looks like a bunch of crazy stuff on screen at once. Without a good storyline to back it up like Sucker Punch had, the movie will just be a lame mess. Maybe it's a bit unfair to just judge it by a trailer since Sucker Punch didn't reveal any plot in the trailer, but at least that was visually striking to look at where as this…

    To me, the Dark Knight is the perfect superhero movie and won't be topped for a long time by ANY country.


  2. Chris Cesarano says:

    God, the best thing about Asian cinema is that they have no problem giving a hilariously bad B-movie a top-ranking budget.

    That looks like the sort of movie to watch with friends and laugh at. Like Machine Girl, only without the gross.


  3. Mathew Benness says:

    Looks like a higher budget version of the original Power Rangers series crossed with Gundam Warriors and Superman mythology, and in no way am I complaining there 🙂 Still, when it comes to super hero movies, only kicking *some* of their asses


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