Game OverThinker: Episode 49 (NEW!)

Here’s what’s happening on the other blog:

EXTREMELY pleased with how this came out – the “meat” part in the middle came together pretty cohesively, the improved greenscreen worked out and that whole final “bit” cut together better than I was expecting it to.

31 thoughts on “Game OverThinker: Episode 49 (NEW!)

  1. KevinCV says:

    Awesomely cool vid, Bob. I especially liked the voice modulation of the AntiThinker's true form. Kinda reminded me of the Daleks a bit, but still cool. Looking forward to what happens next! 😀


  2. Tim says:

    Playstation online? First you kept calling it Playstation home (which is something else entirely) and now you’re calling it Playstation online? It’s Playstation network Bob. Playstation network. PSN for short. Jesus…

    And seriously Bob, this episode is annoying. There was no reason to keep cutting away to the bald guy. It broke the flow and made the episode a chore to sit through. It’s like you’re watching a video and someone pauses it every minute for 30 seconds. And worst of all, its not funny. This episode would have been much better if you said what you were going to say, kept it quick and left out this annoying bald guy. Also, there’s no reason to have the intro this long either. I like long videos but only when they’re filled with nothing but your insight. Weather I agree or disagree with them doesn’t matter. As long as they aren’t constantly being interrupted. If you had found a better way to handle that, it would have been a decent episode.

    Also, you still need to work on your editing. Its far too common in your videos that an image will appear for only a millisecond.

    One more thing. If the AntiThinker is supposed to be a douche, he should be wearing a redsox hat.


  3. Smashmatt202 says:

    Main points I wanted to bring up:

    -Is is just me, or dos the old, bald man from Rygar just seem like the Overthinker… Only bald and old? You could have made him more different, you know.
    -Okay, I want to be sure of this… Are you talking about the Raccoon Tail or the literal Tanooki Suit? Because the Raccoon Tail was the main power-up in Super Mario Bros. 3, while the Tanooki Suit was just an extremely rare power-up in the game. Just want to know if you know the difference.
    -Well, nice to see you finally mentioned Steam. Even though it kind of should of been mentioned in the PC Gaming thing on The Big Picture.
    -WTF, the old bald man was Wario, what kind of sense does that make? Why would Wario want to help the Overthinker, isn't he more of a jerk and an antithinker? Seriously, you'd better come up with a good reason for that in the next video or I'll never let you live it down!
    -When I saw the Antithinker's “true form”, I thought it was so hilariously stupid that I didn't even bother to laugh at it. I guess he just made up that BS about “ruling over the Antiverse”, which makes more sense.
    -If you miss Strawman, why did you kill him? Unless…

    Well, yeah, I got lost in the words you were saying, plus it's pretty late, so I'll have to watch it again sometime…


  4. Rob says:

    Tim, if that is the 1st thing you write and the most important thing to you: get a life.

    It's Satire, it's what Screwattack does and Bob adds to it very well.


  5. Tim says:

    @rob: That would be fine if it was funny but it just wasn't. It was annoying. The key to comedy is timing. The timing in this episode is terrible. The problem is that Bob needs someone that he trusts to watch his videos and tell him, “No dude. This just isn't funny. Cut this out.”


  6. Smashmatt202 says:

    I believe it was Yahtzee who said “the worst thing you can tell a person is that their work is perfect”, and it's true, you need criticism, and I know these recent videos have been made for fun on Bob's part, and while this is his own show and he's not getting paid to do this, I think he could stand to do some improvement. And coherency. Seriously, the thing I hate most is that this guy, the Game Overthinker, is starring in an overly cliche, under-thought storyline. Really, he could and SHOULD do better, in order to keep up with his namesake.


  7. Rob says:

    @Tim, comedy is also about taste and jokes.
    Granted, it could have been funnier, but for 'guaranteed' laughs, you have to ESCAPE TO THE MOVIES and pay :p

    Come on, it's a filmstudent's pet project. So give him a C instead of an A, for the laughs, whatever. He even opens with it “very pretentious” or something.


  8. Hyrabethian says:

    You know, I remember your episode on the fate of comic books in the 90s and how video games might go the same route. But I just don't see it happen.

    Back in the 90s, I use to collect comic books too, and after a while I did leave behind the hobby for the same reason that you had brought up in that episode. Personally, it wasn't just how dark comics had gotten, (i kinda liked that since I was a how badly written they were, and I just couldn't continue following along the canon anymore with over the dozens of issues I needed to hunt down to do so.

    Plus, with the rise of the internet, comic book readers didn't need to go to the store and buy up volumes of comics to get updates on certain stories.

    Unlike video games, comics don't have replay value. There's no need to read one issue more than a few times, and majority of the time once is enough.

    Unlike comic books, the content in video games isn't dependent on story but gameplay (unless the game is entirely based on story, Heavy Rain for example). Truth be told the majority of gamers don't care about story, they play CoD or Halo because it's online, not because of their shitty stories, and they play it because it's popular.

    If you were to ask a X-men readers back in the 90s in what issue Magneto had stripped Wolverine of his adamentium, I'd bet 70% of them would know that answer. Now if you were to ask Halo players if they knew who Cortana was by name, you'd probably be lucky if 20% of its audience could answer that question, 10% referring to her as the “that purple lady”…=/

    Video games are an interactive medium, and because of that its effects on people is way different than that of a non-interactive medium say comics, books, and movies. To put it blatantly and even a bit crudely, it's like asking a guy, would he rather watch porno, or have the real thing. Would you rather watch a documentary about Italy and its culture, or would you rather travel there.

    Video games are an entirely different breed of animal, most gamers love Uncharted not because of Nathan Drake and how much of a Indiana Jones rip-off he series really is, but because the whole cover base 3PS/platforming gameplay aspect is really good.

    But, you are right about the resurgence of 2D side strollers, and that's only because their gameplay is just more befitting for anyone that likes platformers, and like I said before gameplay is key.


  9. MovieBob says:


    No worries – I've taken care of it for the both of us. For some reason, I was under the impression that it was A LOT harder to change my posting handle than it turned out to be. So… we should be all set – didn't mean to make any assumptions, I don't actually know how many “Bobs” are on here at any given time 😉


  10. Bob says:

    (Other Bob here reposting my original comment)

    @Tribe: I read that Busy Street article. It made Encyclopedia Dramatica look like a reliable source.


  11. superuub1 says:

    ah why did you pull out? granted I didn't like the anti thinker much but I at least though you'd stick to your guns enough so that the two of you would either fuse of have to team up at least to fight the bad guy. Unless you have a true form too this is going to be a pretty bad story line if it doesn't ALL end next video, including getting rid of this mastermind.


  12. Chris Cesarano says:

    Only just started the video so I don't have anything significant to comment on. Just:

    Holy crap, using music from Godzilla: Monster of Monsters nearly made me pee myself. That game is probably one of my favorites on the NES that, to this day, manages to still be as fun as it was back then.

    Not to mention the awfully sweet soundtrack.


  13. counterpoint says:

    alright, alright.

    i'm on board. this was a very good episode, including the plot stuff i previously disliked.

    i think you're at your best when “overthinking,” and that's not something you've done as much lately. I'm not talking about the mini-movies. I mean your main topics of discussion. Lately it seems like you've spent more time “making an argument” for or against something, instead of “overthinking” – dissecting the topic on a too-detailed level, without necessarily as much of an “angle.”

    just sayin'.


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