The Big Picture: "Captains Courageous"

In which I explain Captain Marvel. Both of him.

10 thoughts on “The Big Picture: "Captains Courageous"

  1. James says:

    As someone who grew up in a country where comics weren't/aren't to this day popular, I thoroughly enjoy your Comics are Weird! videos as the various gaps in my knowledge get plugged with neon flashes of trivia.

    More of these, please.


  2. Reverend Allan Ironside says:

    Between you and Linkara, you may both cover the entire hirstory of comic books before the next presidential election.

    I always enjoy these Comic based shows. At my work, the only website not insta-banned from being used is Wikipedia. Sometimes I'll just jump on a random character and surf for hours. It's astounding how much Wikipedia has on this subject


  3. Ezenwa says:

    the only thing crazier than this whole Captain Marvel copyright problem is Marvel's Captain Marvel. Thanks to cosmic awareness, he very well screwed up the entire Marvel universe on various occasions. House of M, anyone?

    That said, good vid, Moviebob. Well worth the wait.


  4. KevinCV says:

    Pretty informative, MovieBob (gotta get into the habit of referring to you like that). Have you ever considered doing a “Big Picture” on “Doctor Who”? With it's 50th anniversary coming up in a couple years, it'd be kinda cool.

    Plus, I think it needs a bit more love here in the USA. Just be sure to mention the concept of regeneration so people can understand why 11 different actors have played the same character throughout its rather lengthy history… 😀


  5. special_k_20x6 says:

    I remember that the original captain marvel (marvel) came back to life and became the warden for the superhero prison in the negative zone during the events of civil war(Can you do a video on that please).


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