"Attack the Block" declared Next Big Thing

Twitter has EXPLODED with Los Angeles area film geeks gushing over “Attack the Block,” the British ghetto-kids versus aliens actioner that blew up at SXSW. Here’s the trailer, in case you missed it before:

The movie-nerd buzz for this is now SO enthusiastic that you can actually FEEL Michael Bay’s America gearing up to completely ignore it if and when it’s released ;(

10 thoughts on “"Attack the Block" declared Next Big Thing

  1. Challenger #001 says:

    I saw this trailer before I saw Paul, and couldn't help but think that this was going to be a smash hit of the year that nobody saw coming. Sorry to hear about the apparent dismissal in the US, but take heart that there's going to be a tonne of us UK folk going to watch it. 😉


  2. Dave says:

    @ incomprehensible selection of letters and numbers

    Oh god this. The british really should put better effort in making sure their children can speak the king's english.

    So far I'm not really feeling it. It's an interesting idea, and nick forst is guaranteed to make it better, but I don't get where all the hype is coming from. Based on what i've seen this could be this year's snakes on a plane.


  3. WilhelmVonHaig says:

    @random number/letter guy
    Oh,my aren't you a clever little boy! Trolling by referencing something Bob had complained about prevoiusly. You are SO clever with your racist jokes.
    Or maybe you've never been here before and you are a racist.
    Or maybe you're deaf and I'm the mean one.


  4. crazyrockboy says:


    I think you're missing the point. part of the humour comes from the ridiculous language and speech patterns of modern british youth, and It's refreshing to see britain represented in a modern way after The Kings Speech, and it also Joins this is england in showing Americans that the british aren't all jumped up, tea sipping, pony riding tossers.

    Anyway, Can't wait for this! =D


  5. Dave says:

    @ rockboy

    Then maybe it's a canadian thing, because rapidfire british slang has NEVER been funny to me in and of itself.

    I mean, Bromwell High had a lot of it but that was never the source of the jokes. Isn't this like setting a movie in ireland and expecting the accents to provide all the humour?


  6. motyr says:

    @ Dave

    I completely agree. I'm Canadian too and I don't find rapidfire british slang funny at all, although, something tells me it doesn't have to do with our nationality 😉

    I've seen this trailer a few times and each time it gets more and more UNfunny. I don't understand. If this movie were set in Detroit with modern-day youth using modern-day “gangster” slang, would it be nearly as anticipated? I don't think so. The appeal of this movie extends to “they're British and they're trying to act American! HA-HA derp derp,” which will definitely wear thin by the end of a feature film. It wore thin for me after a 2 minute and 6 second trailer.


  7. Dave says:


    It might be. British slang and vernacular do tend to creep into canadian dialect. I've never heard an american say bloody hell or wanker in casual conversation, but I do hear it from other canadians.

    “If this movie were set in Detroit with modern-day youth using modern-day “gangster” slang, would it be nearly as anticipated?”


    Again, I'm conflicted, because it does have nick frost. And that makes me want to see it.


  8. crazyrockboy says:

    yeah it is pretty much a nationality thing. I think it's really only the british themseleves that will find the accents and slang funny, but what I find funny is the juxtaposition of chavs('swat we brits call anti-social youths)and a supernatural element. It's a similar case to shaun of the dead and Hot Fuzz, taking familiar sterotypes and accents of british sub cultures and putting them against ridiculous situations,which is funny for us brits but evidently(and understandably) not that funny for anyone else.


  9. Jacob Martin says:

    Awesome, Akira meets Ali G In The House crossed with a better concept for Skyline.

    And is it weird that I've only visited London once and I still understand pretty much everything these people said in the trailer? Maybe Australians are closer than what the reaction to the royal wedding suggests…


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