Nimoy is in "Transformers" (again)

Leonard Nimoy will be voicing one of the robots in “Transformers: Dark of The Moon.” In addition to having previously voiced Galvatron in the original animated movie and being a living, breathing fanboy-reference in and of himself; Nimoy is Michael Bay’s cousin and previously worked with writers Orci and Kurtzman on the “Star Trek” reboot. So… about four or five levels of reference/in-joke/shout-out casting right here.

In any case, he’s voicing “Sentinel Prime,” the bearded “old man” Autobot you saw in the TF3 teaser trailer. Supposedly he’s Optimus’ “father” (how does that work?) in this version, and his vehicle form is a firetruck. I didn’t know they made pimped-out, douche-appeal “custom” firetrucks; though I’m sure Bay and company will find a way. I’m hoping that Optimus – in a hugely-unlikely coincidence – stumbles on him living in a cave, where he explains that he’s actually from an alternate universe and that his being here is what’s responsible for ALL of the hugely-unlikely coincidences, gigantic plot-holes and generally shitty writing up to this point…

11 thoughts on “Nimoy is in "Transformers" (again)

  1. Arturo says:

    I see what you did there.
    But you have to admit that having all those layers of refernces and shout-outs is pretty nerd cool, even for a film series that appeals to d-bag frat boys rather than that other, probably more proftiable demographic.


  2. Sssonic says:


    No, seriously, that's awesome. Nimoy's an excellent choice, having proven himself a sterling voice actor over the years (he's not only Galvatron, but also one of the few highlights in Disney's ill-fated “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” as the Atlantean King and does a great job as Xehanor in “Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep”), and the idea of him as Optimus' “father” is most intriguing. Potential for strong conflict there, that's for sure. Oddly enough, I sort of envisioned Ultra Magnus appearing as Optimus' brother in my mental version of “Transformers 3”, much like he did in the “Car Robots” anime.

    Oh, and before you go knocking the illogic of robots having fathers (something we both know you'd consider a wonderful bit of absurdity if this were any other movie), keep in mind that Transformers having families has been with the series since its inception. How many “Brother” pairs have we had at this point, for example? Likewise, what point is there in having a distinct female class of Autobot if fatherhood/motherhood are not possible?


  3. Tim says:

    Bob, I just thought I'd let you know now, if today's episode of escape to the movies is some kind of April fools thing, everyone is going to hate it. No one will fall for it. It's just that it's overdone and not funny anymore. You'd be wise to avoid any kind of retarded joke.


  4. Chris Cesarano says:

    I find that amusing, as the color scheme and appearance of Bearded Transformer actually resembles Unicron. SURPRISE! Not Unicron. Wonder if that was on purpose.

    Either way, this is simultaneously “good news” (as if anything could convince me to watch another Transformers film by Michael Bay) and also just lame. Optimus Prime's father? Really? You couldn't think of anything more interesting?


  5. Dave says:

    @ SSonic

    Tell me about it. I was afraid the last I would see of him would be the abrams film.

    T3 is looking pretty good to me at this point. Orci and company have been cast aside, so we might get a coherent script, its including several more fan favs, no meg fox, as well as optimus actually using his trailer for something (I've always wanted that). and megatron's altmode NOT being some lazy 'alien' craft to prevent them from coming up with a suitable altmode.

    Regarding the lineage question, Sentinel prime has always been depicted as Optimus' predecessor, with Magnus as his contemporary. Except in animated where they switched and sentinel became the tick. but regardless the transforers continuities all handle reproduction differently. G2 had it as asexual budding. Beast Wars retconned it as something approaching sex (in that family members like aunts and uncles exist, and SOME kind of primary sexual characteristic exist)

    Oh and the less said of Car robots the better.


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