Big Picture: "History of Hollywood 101 – Part I"

Another two-parter.

7 thoughts on “Big Picture: "History of Hollywood 101 – Part I"

  1. Adam says:

    I've always been fascinated by early Hollywood, but never enough to go find this stuff out for myself. Thanks for the info.

    Someone mentioned this on the Escapist and I thought it was interesting the parralels you could draw between the film and video game industries. Just like when “the big 5” pretty much had a monopoly going on yet it was the Golden Age of film, the 8 & 16-bit eras were more or less monopolized by Nintendo (blah, blah, Sega was important then too) and that is often referred to as the Golden Age of gaming. It's interesting how these things go in cycles.


  2. vlademir1 says:

    I love that you're doing this. There's a huge amount of this history that the average person in the movie going public just doesn't realize.
    I have a copy of this book, 'The Movies' by Richard Griffith, Arthur Mayer & Eileen Bowser, that I got as a gift some years back that covers this history in quite a bit of detail, and it's easy to see why it is so unapproachable to almost anyone who doesn't have a hardcore interest (seriously the book is larger page format and thicker than any of my college text books were, and the material quite a bit denser).
    I'd really kinda like to See you do this for each of your other big areas of interest and coverage (comics, games, etc)

    @Link3680 You know that a talk about the Hays Code would take a whole episode in and of itself, right? I expect he'll do just that sometime after this exceptionally condensed overview of the history is done.


  3. vlademir1 says:

    After a little bit more thought on the topic, really if he were to cover the Hays Code in any depth, it'd have to also cover it's successor, the ratings system, and how it has been changed and adapted since it's introduction. That topic would, in and of itself, be required knowledge for any real coverage of the Comic Code.


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