This Is Your "Dark Knight Rises" Teaser Poster

Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” movie posters continue their “stuff making the batman-logo” motif. The first teaser-trailer is supposed to be attached to prints of “Harry Potter” this weekend.
It’s simple, I like it, etc. The falling-building motif, naturally, will make some fans think of “No Man’s Land” – a story-arc wherein Gotham was cut-off from the rest of the country by an earthquake. Yeah, possibly, but remember that the “blown-out skyscraper” from the DK posters wasn’t in that movie, either.
It’s all buildings, windows and blurry rubble, of course – so folks who haven’t yet accepted that Nolan and co. have next-to-zero interest in “living up” to outlandish fan hopes are invited to enjoy poking through the shadows and reflections looking for The Joker, Robin, noteworthy villains aside from those already widely-known, other DC characters and other stuff that will not be in this movie. Have fun with that.

8 thoughts on “This Is Your "Dark Knight Rises" Teaser Poster

  1. Holly says:


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  2. jojjo says:

    A long time fan of Nolan, and I have all trust in him being able to make an amazing finale (eventhough there will probably be a “Return of the Jedi”-effect). That said I completely agree: the title is so unimaginative it even makes the generic “fan-speculation-version”, Gotham city, seem good 😦


  3. The Karligarchy says:

    Hehe I´ve already heard some rumors based on Where´s Waldo type hunts through the poster. My favorite: In the bottom left there´s boulder or whatever that people have latched onto as a possible Superman logo. It amazes that hopes for a Superman tie into these moves is still so alive, I mean how tonally out of sync would that be?

    I have an unrealated question for you Bob. You´ve gotten increasingly political the past few months, even before the American Bob show. What has motivated this change as of late? Just curious.


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